Thursday, January 3, 2013

freezin' it up

Even though it was freezing, we hit the infamous sledding hill by Papa and Grammy's. Aniston was a little timid at first, Grammy took the first spill, and Chris got a good bike ride in.
We never leave this baby home!
Grammy's crash
Chris is pretty serious when it comes to sledding
There were a few bike races, but Chris was the only one who could make it up the hill.
We had to warm up in between, but once we could feel our toes again we went out to build a snowman(the warming process took us about a day).
We're trying to get in as much time as possible with our family. Stefen and Bri will be off to Oregon to start a new adventure the first of January. Christian will be off to the MTC and then to Washington state to serve a mission the end of Januray. We're feeling lucky to have them around over the holiday!

the aftermath...

The house was in disarray for a few days as we enjoyed the holiday. Aniston wanted to capture the mess/new additions to her toy collection, so she snapped photo after photo after photo...
AND, I got make-uped and a foot massage from the one and only...Miss A!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve-
We ate, acted out the nativity, read a new Christmas book, slipped into our new Christmas pjs, set out some cookies and a glass of milk for Old Saint Nick, and then tucked ourselves in for a short winter's nap. Christmas morning came early...1st attempt: 3 am, 2nd attempt: 5am, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc...5-5:30, 5:45 rolled around and we gave in!
This girl was just to excited, wide awake, and smiley so we got up to see if Santa found our house.
Santa found her!
Aniston was excited to see what Santa left us too!
Getting all blinged out with her new bling...
All ready to go to Papa and Grammy's to make sure Santa found them too!
Aniston was excited to share her new make-up, and kept herself dolled up all day too!
We had a great Christmas, and it was nice spending it with Grammy, Papa, Christian, Stefen, and Bri.