Tuesday, August 31, 2010

way to fast

This past week flew by, I knew it would. I also knew there were big changes in the future, but I chose to ignore them and pretend they would NEVER happen. I don't like change, but as I have grown up I have learned to deal with it. Chris and I have made many changes, and one that I have not regretted was moving to Salt Lake. I have had my family so close to me and I have loved it.
The chances I have had to be in familiar places with dear people that I love have made all the changes easier. But I ran into the wall of reality, and have learned for the umpteenth time that I take things for granted, when my sister and her husband decided to make the move to Chicago so he could advance in the company he works for. I was super excited for them, but super sad knowing what comes with change. They bought the house I grew up in from my parents when my parents moved into the house my dad grew up in to help take care of his parents before they passed away. When Chris and I moved to Salt Lake, we first lived with my sister and her husband. I loved it! I loved being with my sister, loved being in my favorite home, and loved that my daughter was around 2 people that I truly love and think the world of. I felt like I was living in a dream because it felt like we had our best friends around ALL the time, and it was a blast!
When Shelbi told our family about the possibility of Scott getting a job in Chicago, I was really excited for them, but at the same time I was devastated. I didn't want them to be far away, I didn't want Aniston apart from them because she absolutely adores both of them, and I knew that also meant the house that held so many of my memories from growing up would have to be sold.
This past week I have cried a river, literally. I have tried to be with my sister as much as possible, and I have tried a bit unwillingly(only because I don't want them gone) to help with the packing and loading. I have thought of all the things I should have said, things I should have done, and ways I could have been there for those 2 and haven't. I have thought of all the fun things we have done together, the memories I have in that home, and how it will never be the same. Chicago is far away, my best friend and sister won't be just a 20 minute drive away, my daughter's aunt and uncle that lights up her face when they walk through the door will now light up her face on the phone and on occasionally visits here or there. I've already started the countdown for their arrival in Salt Lake for Stefen's wedding(thanks buddy for getting married!!), only 39 days!!
I have yet to accept this change, but maybe I will in the future and maybe I won't. They left this morning, just the 2 of them, to transport their lives to a new spot. I truly from the bottom of my heart want the best for them. They are 2 great people, and great people deserve great things and I wish them nothing but greatness. I love them and I already miss them.
Monday August 23, 2010
Aniston wearing Shelbi's beautiful shoes chillin' with our favorite kitty, Tiger. We helped Shelbi pack a bit, but we mostly played and got ready for the shower Shelbi and I did for Bri.
Shelbi with our 2 cousins, Shelley and Brandi.
This is how mature my sister and I are, she has a picture of me doing the very same thing.
Wednesday August 25, 2010
Tuesday I stayed home and put my house back together.
Wednesday we decided to pack in the morning, get some lunch together, and then go swimming. It took 3 attempts to find an open pool.
Aniston and I chatting about what we are going to do without Aunt Shelbi...
Swimmin' with her favorite aunt!!
Wednesday night Shelbi, Mom and I went to Eat, Pray, Love together. This is one things that I will really miss because those 2 are my movie buddies! The movie was great, but being with them was better!!
Thursday and Friday we packed things up. Shelbi and I, mainly I, consumed way more caffeine than recommended to keep us going. We both commented on our attention spans; they were missing those 2 days for sure!
Saturday we went to Lagoon with Scott's family, Scott and Shelbi, and the 3 of us. It was really fun, and I hope we still see his family whenever we can, because I enjoy them! His mom was so good to make sure all the kids were always accounted for, now that's my kind of woman!!
Sunday, we partied. No pictures, just lots of great food and company! It was good to see some of the people I wouldn't get to see otherwise.
The day I dreaded all last week: Monday August 30, 2010

This is the girl that makes me laugh, cries with me, loves me regardless, loves my daughter, is strong, sweet, etc etc etc.......
I love you sister, best wishes to you and your sweet hubby! I miss you already and I can't hardly wait 39 days until you're back for a short visit.

Monday, August 16, 2010


We got together a few days before Aniston's Birthday to celebrate with Aunt Shelbi. Shelbi brought Aniston a cake with butterflies on it(it was delish!) and a cute Birthday shirt. This year, the candles have scared Aniston?!

We had to squeeze in one more party for Aniston so that family and friends in St. George could celebrate too. We had a party for her Saturday night. She seemed overwhelmed with all the commotion and with all the Birthday stuff(3 parties was to much!), but she was excited to hang out in the swimming pool with friends and family! Everyone was so good to her and she was so excited about everything she was given. I love how easy she is to please and that she likes everything! Thanks everyone and Miss Rae I love you so much and can't believe you're 3!!
Aniston and Rob
Birthday girl...I love my sweet girl and her darling smile!

The sweets...

Ali and Aniston at the Washington County parade Saturday morning.
Cute girls! Aunt Jocelyn is in the St. George City royalty, so we went and watched her perform with the other girls Saturday afternoon.

5 years

my 5 favorite moments of the last 5 years...
01: Our wedding day. Everything was perfect. Chris looked extremely handsome, and I was and still am totally and completely in love with him!
02: Our 1st anniversary. Chris got us tickets to some of the X Games events and we went to the beach too!
03: The night we found out we were going to have a baby. I will never forget the way Chris reacted to my reaction, poor kid!
04: The day Aniston was born. Chris was so sweet and so good to both her and I.
05: There has been many of these moments, but they are some of my favorites: I love the time we have just the 2 of us, especially when we can just chat about nothing and anything!
love you handsome

my husband is bad @$$!

August has been busy. The first weekend we were up at Dear Creek with my family camping, boating, and Chris competed in BAM(Battle @ Midway)! It was busy busy and fun! We left Thursday, boated Friday morning, and then situated the bikes and prepped for the race that night. Chris did a duathlon: ran a 5k, mountain biked 9 miles, and then ran another 5k. It was hot, but he did really well. Took 5th in the bike portion! Friday morning we got Aniston up early to go set up for his Olympic Triathlon. This race scares me...water and I aren't too friendly. I was relieved when I could find Chris in the swimming crowd and I kept my eye on him the whole time he was in the water and entertained Aniston too! He killed it on the bike portion, and then finished off with the 10k run. Aniston and I tried not to cook in the sun and keep ourselves entertained(I failed, she was miserable). We went out on the boat and got Aniston on the tube when we got back from the triathlon. She loved it, for the most part! That night Chris finished off his race weekend with a 10k trail run. Yep, I know...he's bad @$$!! He completed the Bad Ass competition, he's amazing!
The Duathlon, Firday August 6th
Starting shot
Chris is the one on the bike!
Last 5k, I loved how pretty the area was! Most of the competition was in Soldier Hollow.

The Triathlon Saturday August 7th
A shot with Daddy!
taking off on his bike.
running in with Aniston

10k Saturday August 7th
Running in, the end of the races!

a shot before going out
Grammy and Aniston
Aniston and I

Thursday, August 12, 2010

-12-...she's 3

I can't believe it....we love you sweet baby girl! You have made the last 3 years of our life AMAZING. You are a doll, an angel, and the sweetest thing to be with and around! We love you Beanie!!
Aniston was a blast on her Birthday! She was so excited, so happy to see those who came, and LOVED all the nice things people gave her! Now she is 3, and I hear it's worse than 2 so I've got myself strapped in ready for the ride!! Thank you to everyone that came, we love you all and you made Aniston's day the very best!

Birthday dinner...mac and cheese, Mickey nuggets, and green balls.
Aniston with her "cake"(I felt a bit lazy not making something, but this was a lot cuter than anything I could have made!)
Singing Happy Birthday! Aniston didn't like blowing out her candles though?!
The Birthday girl with her grandpa and grandma Corlett.

Aniston LOVED everything she was given, and you can tell by her facial expressions in EVERY picture that she was so excited!!
I was just as excited as Aniston! Her and I are going to have fun playing with all the toys!
She was even excited about the cards on her presents!
Sparkle Barbie!!!!
Colton and Aniston
This toy was the best...a laughing/rolling monkey from grandpa and grandma Corlett which had the whole party laughing!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Here are my 3 FAVORITE things about Aniston Rae...
01: She snuggles and gives the best loves
02: She plays with her hair when she is sleepy
03: She makes me laugh with all the cute things she does and says
Aniston finally conquered her fear of slide before turning 3!!


Aniston is a smart little cookie! She was talking in full sentences, recognizing numbers and letters, spelling her name, singing songs from memory, and counting to 20! She was saying phrases she heard others say, like "are you freakin kiddin me!" and bossy phrases like "stop telling me that!". Our 2 year old was growing and changing all year but she has always been our sweet little girl, full of hugs kisses and I love yous!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Aniston's favorites were Horton, balls, talking, singing, "talking" on the phone, shoes, and playing outside! Just before her 2nd Birthday, Aniston had her first set of stitches. 3 right through her right eyebrow when she wiggled off the picnic table and landed on a camping chair! Aniston had a Horton party and she loved being the center of attention, blowing out her candles, and eating cake!
1st trip to Lagoon! Her favorite was the swings, who would have thought?!
Her poor eye!
Happy 2nd Birthday Aniston Rae!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Aniston was a chatter box. She was saying lots of words, and they would get more clear all the time! She loved to watch your lips to figure out how to say things. Aniston was never really into a certain toy or blanket until she latched onto "Lolly Bear". When Aniston was 18 months, the binky broke so we had to throw it away. It wasn't a huge devastation, thank goodness! Aniston loved baths, but she wasn't a big fan of swimming pools. It took a lot to get her to relax, and she wouldn't let go of who ever had her in the pool. She was content to sit in her kiddie pool though and she did that a lot at Papa and Grammy's! Her new big thing was wearing her shades and "lips"!

Aniston always loved swinging, and could do it for hours!
Fishing with daddy


Holidays were so much more fun with Aniston around! We stayed up north for the winter holidays, and tried to stay warm. Aniston loved the snow and was always wanting to touch it! She was starting to talk more and more, and she was moving around like crazy! Aniston would say "wow!! petty ights" and she loved the Christams tree and helping wrap presents. Aniston got really sick on Christmas Eve with a high temperature, so she was mellow on Christmas day. She loved Mickey Mouse, dressing up, and watching sport with her Daddy. She could tell the difference between basketball and football, and she would say "goooo tutah!!!"

Christmas morning
Mickey and Minnie!!!
gooooo tutah!!!!