Monday, September 29, 2008


Look guys I can stand up all by myself!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Molars ahhh!!!

We have a molar...yikes!! I have heard from other friends about the dreaded molars, but had yet to experience them until last week when I was trying to figure out what Miss Aniston's problem was. She is always such a pleasant little thing, so when she gets moody Chris and I know there is something wrong. I went fishing around in her mouth and felt the honker poking through. She's doing really well considering the honker is poking through at a snail's pace. Aniston has learned to say teeth and can point to everyone's teeth as well as her own. This molar thing isn't as bad as I thought, and let's hope the rest are just as easy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

yum yum

Aniston got in the fridge while I was making breakfast and she found a "ahpah" and decided she was going to nibble on it. I kept hearing her say "ahpah yum" over and over and when I looked to see if she was ok she was taking little bites of a nectarine. I just laughed and then asked her if I could have it and cut it up so we could share it. She handed it right over and then grabbed the "coke" and tried to take a swig to wash her "ahpah" down.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fair

Aniston and I went to the Fair with my sister Shelbi and her husband Scott. We had a blast!! My sister and I took Aniston on the big slide, and wow that was hysterical. We all 3 sat on the same potato sack and Aniston was freaked and my sister and I were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes!! I didn't realize how steep the hills were on the slide, otherwise we would have skipped that ride. We went on the merry go round after and Aniston only sat on the horse for a minute and then she wanted off. I really felt bad because she was clinging to me and wouldn't let go even after the ride stopped. She had fun on the real ponies, and did a lot of dancing to the fun music. She got to pet a bunny and see a whole bunch of animals, and she even tried a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was fun, and I really hope I didn't scar her for life on the big slide.

A little trip down town...

Aniston and I went down to the Family History Library to print off some temple cards, and ended up walking around the Conference Center while we were there. Aniston loves water and there is plenty of it there. She kept saying "ahwah" over and over and wouldn't hardly look away from the fountain to take a picture. She was really excited about the little stream that runs in front, and loved the water fall down the side of the building. Who knew water could be so entertaining!!

A bunch of cute pictures of Miss Aniston

Aniston has a new favorite spot... the fridge. Every time it gets open you can be sure to find her there checking out the food and rearranging it.

We have a fun playground right outside our door, and Aniston could swing for hours!!

This is Aniston in her new favorite toy. Tell me why Chris and I buy "toys" if she just plays with stuff around the house?!

Aniston wants to eat what everyone else is eating, even if its already headed to their mouth. She really will sometimes refuse to eat her food, but is just fine when we feed her something off our plates.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So I went out of my norm and went to Valley "Scare" Mall last weekend with my mom and brother. But the worst part wasn't stepping into the mall, it was letting Aniston ride the stupid kid rides in the food court- the ones that just move back and forth. She loved it though, and wanted to touch EVERY inch of the dang ride...YUCK!!(Don't worry, she was wiped down from head to toe with antibacterial wipes after)

Random post

School is now in session!! Chris is really loving his classes and things are going really well with his new major... thank goodness!! We see good things that confirm our move from St. George every once in awhile, and it makes us feel better. Work for Chirs is another story, but he's got some promising leads and we just hope and pray something will work out. He loves side projects so check out Roots to Leaves on our Favorites and let him know if you need a project. He has more free time to get them done, which he's really thankful for.
Aniston is crazy, she is getting close to walking with each step. She seems kind of intimidated by standing alone, but she's been practicing late at night. I snuck into her room and watched her for about 5 minutes last night and I was covering my mouth so a laugh wouldn't sneak out and blow my cover. She is supposed to be laying down, but she's got another agenda... standing up without holding on. She pulls herself up and slowly takes her hands off the crib, and then once she is standing alone she falls down and lands on her bum. It may be just the rush of falling on her bum and bouncing on the mattress that has her going back for more, or just that she's cool and can stand alone for a few seconds; who knows. It's entertaining to watch and if it helps, what the heck right!!
I'm still taking care of the babies and loving it!! I'm going back to school in the Spring to finish my prerequisites for nursing and then I will apply for nursing school. Chris and I figure I might as well try while we're here and then see what happens. I am really excited to go for it, and I really hope things work out.
Salt Lake is good to us most the time and we are really loving the cooler weather!!