Sunday, December 30, 2012

STG Christmas visit

We were all excited to get away just before Christmas, see family, and catch some sun and warmer weather. It was a blast, full of cousins playing and visiting Santa, lots of visits to Grandparents, biking, running, and some awesome weather!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


One morning I actually talked Aniston into letting my watch the Today show. Jacob/Taylor Lautner was on the show, and caught Aniston's attention. He started talking and Aniston looked up at me and said: "Mom he is handsome. I think they should make a Barbie that looks like him. I like his voice!" I just sat there, stunned that my 5 year old was speaking so maturely, and talking about a boy. And the look on her face, yikes!! T-R-O-U-B-L-E The talking never ends, I mean NEVER. There is noise: talking, singing, humming, animal and other noises, all day every day. I think she's only quiet at school(and she has told me it's really hard not to talk in Kindergarten), church, and for the most part when she sleeps(she talks in her sleep quite a bit). Her chatting can be hysterical, like when she talks to people on her phone, or when she is talking to her friend Dalia(a character on a sit-com which I'm sure is where she picked up the name). One day, there were 4 girls in the bathroom mirror. I forget all their names, but she could see herself 4 times in the mirror, so she had a conversation between all of her reflections. They giggled a lot, talked about what they were going to do that day, and then there was more giggling. It was a conversation I would think 6th and 7th graders would have in their teeny-bobbin' crazy talk. T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Sunday, December 16, 2012

party...ugly style

I was lucky enough to snag a position at one of my favorite Doc's office who I worked with in labor and delivery, and man am I lucky!! These people know how to make work fun and my boss is seriously the best! We got together to bowl, eat, laugh, celebrate the season, and spread the ugly!
Best part about the job...working with two of my hommies from AVHWC, yep that's right...we all 3 scored a spot in the office!!!
Me and my Gingie sweater wearin' man
Paige and Kerri
crazy ladies
Chris gettin' wild
Wednesday hommies + Julie
the staff
fellow Dickie wearin' fools
Paige, the winner of the ugly contest
The party people!!

we're all decked out for Christmas...

Aniston has been great to help get our home ready for the holiday. She has made sure to spread the cheer throughout the house...
Ernie has been making sure Aniston behaves, has something exciting to look forward to each morning, and he's pretty good at making sure we giggle at his clever "landing" spots...
And we're enjoying the treats and sweets!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

all i want for Christmas

Aniston's wish list Christmas 2012

o christmas tree

Aniston was so excited to get the tree up and get it decorated. I wasn't getting the decorations on fast enough, so she took matters into her own hands.
Once I got my act together, and with the help of Aniston and the sewing machine, the tree was decorated complete with a new skirt.

November 2012

Aniston would probably say that November was her favorite month so far this year. It snowed BIG!!
Aniston had her first eye exam and found out she needed to wear specks
We got to visit Uncle Christian in Logan and bring him his mission call-Washington Everett, Spanish speaking
Elsi, Shelbi and Scott came to visit...
We went to gardner village to check out the elves
we went down to the children's museum to check out the tinker toys
we attempted some pics of the matchy girls that was nothing shy of crazy
Aniston's Kindergarten class celebrated Thanksgiving with a feast, she was Tiny Feather
I think November was the fastest flying month of the year. I enjoyed most every minute, especially the minutes I was with my family! Gram, Shelbi, and I went to see Papa's work in progress and got the 411 from him on a 70s lamp...
Chris sat at the computer most of the month, working and doing homework. I think he's just glad the month is over. Thanksgiving was great! We hosted this year, and all went well. Stefen and Bri were the only ones missing. After dinner, we had a little competition to see who could jump up from the sitting position to their feet-Scott, Christian, Chris, Aniston, and I(I had the most attempts and made the biggest commotion) all competed and all succeeded! Then, I ventured out in the chaos for an electronic while everyone except Chris hit the hay. @ 4:30am, Gram, Shelbi, and I made a dent in our Christmas shopping, and we succeeded thanks to Starbucks and short lines. November '12...thank you for being wonderful!