Monday, August 31, 2009

BIG helper

Aniston is such a big helper, and she was really exciyed to help with the dishes! She scrubbed the mixers after I made frosting, but not before she had a few licks. She also rewashed a few dishes, I guess I didn't get them clean enough.
Such a big helper!!
Aniston likes to get up close and check EVERYTHING out. She's always got her head down close to whatever she's up to.

More fun in the sink!!
Aniston takes tubbies at Grammy's house in the sink all the time, so we attempted in ours. FAILED!! Water EVERYWHERE, a screaming girl who bonked her head a few times on the cabinet(I should have been smarter and not tried to wash her hair), and a frazzled mom. Was it worth it for a few minutes? Sure! Bumps get kissed better, water gets cleaned up VERY easily, and mom always calms down!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The beautiful princess/butterfly/ballerina

Aniston played a little dress-up Sunday morning, and I couldn't resist taking millions of photos of the beautiful girl. The video makes me laugh! Check out this beautiful girl! The way Aniston moves her mouth when she says certain words is hysterical...fishy faced!! Tellin' her mirror buddy how pretty she is! Checkin' out those butterfly wings. Here's the video...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Silly Sal...

Aniston is pretty silly, and we are amazed at the things she comes up with and decides to do. Here are a few that top the list:

Aniston has bubble gum toothpaste, so brushing her teeth is even more exciting than it has been. She could brush her teeth for hours, and tends to wander around while she brushes. She was out in the kitchen and her tooth brush has a suction cup on the bottom, so she stuck it on the fridge. She played with her "magets" for a minute and then went back to brushing, with no hands!!

My little timid girl actually suprises me every once in awhile and goes totally out of her comfort zone. My friend Lindsey and her little boy envited Aniston and I swimming and we couldn't pass it up. Aniston is very timid in the water, and so I expected her to be clingy and to have a few episodes. She proved me wrong and was so content and calm. She could have walked around in the kiddie pool all day if I would have let her.

My parents, Aniston and I went to the lake together for one last time before school starts, and Aniston was awesome! She actually sat up and looked around while the boat was going, she helped Papa drive, and SHE GOT IN THE WATER WHILE THE BOAT WAS STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE!!! That is momentious people. She swam around with me and splashed and had the best time. It's to bad boating season is coming to an end.

She was crazy Sunday, and wanted to go outside to fall asleep!? So I said we could walk outside and she could fall asleep on my shoulder. We walked and she wasn't falling asleep, of course, so I asked her if she wanted to go inside and sleep on her bed. She told me "no", imagine that, and said she wanted to fall asleep in the car. WHAT?? She doesn't like riding in the car, and is a real treat on car rides! So I put her in her seat in the car and we drove around our apartment complex and she actually fell asleep within 5 minutes.
Aniston understands more and more and it shocks me when she will talk about things so randomly. This one is really random, and by the way...we are NOT expecting. So Aniston knows when she sees a lady with a "big belly" there is a baby inside because we've talked about it a lot because she's a big fan of looking through her scrapbooks. So, we're at Target and she sees a lady with a belly and says something to the effect of a lady having a baby in her tummy. She also says that this lady has a "big tummy", loudly too. Oh well, at least she understands the concept and she's a child which means she tells the truth. So, she continues to talk about babies in tummies most days, and then a few days ago she says that mommy has a baby in her tummy. Umm ok, does she know something we don't? I tell her that there is no baby in my tummy, but that when she was little tiny she was in my tummy. So this is her next comment: "baby is at church!".
So that's our Silly Sal for ya. I love it!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Party time!!

Aniston had 2 parties to celebrate her birthday, lucky girl!! We did a little dinner and cake and ice cream on her birthday with just my family, and then this past Sunday we had a party with more family and friends. Aniston LOVED having a birthday, and LOVED blowing out her candles. She got some really fun things, and loved being around family and friends! Papa, Grammy and the uncles got her a bike! She got some fun books and learning toys from my sister and Chris' family, and we got her some fish(one of which is a FREAK; it's come back from the dead 3 times now! It's going down the toilet!).
I still am amazed that it's been two years, and that we was blessed with such a sweet girl. It was a blast spoiling our baby girl and celebrating her birthday with the people we love!

Party #1

Happy family!
Aniston gets a little bit embarrassed when she's center of attention. I'm not sure why because she seems to demand it a lot.
Aniston's bike!! Don't mind the shag hair, some battles aren't worth fighting.

Party #2

Aniston LOVES Horton, so Grammy had this Horton cake made!
Opening presents, this was not one of Aniston's favorite things to do. She would rather run around and not have to sit still!
Aunt Shelbi and Aniston roasting mellows.
Aniston with her fishes, well more like Aniston! She kisses her fish when we leave, and she loves to watch them, even if they are "sleeping".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What did you say???

I said...ANISTON IS 2 YEARS OLD TODAY!! Holy cow, I can't believe it! I woke up this morning to an alarm that I set for 7:40am. I'm kind of a sentimental person, so by waking up at 7:40am I would be awake at the time 2 years ago that Aniston was born. For some reason that was important to me, and as I laid in bed next to my baby(we were camping again!) I went over the events that went on 2 years ago. I remember when she was born and holding her for the first time, and my favorite part; when she looked at me and melted my heart. I love her, and really that doesn't even come close to the way that I feel about her. She is so special to me, and I love being her Mommy.
Aniston is the sweetest girl! I have been so blessed to be her mommy, and to be able to watch her grow these past 2 years. I think she is the cutest, smartest, kindest, most fun little girl in the whole world, and I can say those things because I'm her mom! I love her big squeezes, the way she plays with her hair, her kisses, her giggles, the way she sleeps with her back arched(just like she has since she was born), the cute way she says things, I love how particular she is about things, and I love how sweet she is to others. She makes me want to be a better person, and to make sure that I am doing what is right so that I can be with her forever.
These past 2 years have been amazing and even though I'm sad she is growing up so fast, I am grateful that I am here to watch her grow!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Uintas

My family went to my brother in-law's family cabin this weekend and although it was freezing, we all had a really good time. The boys caught a bunch of fish, the girls had way to much fun on the swings, and we all ate lots and enjoyed the mountains!
Aniston helping with the dishes!
Aniston giving BOTH uncle "Sock" and aunt Shelbi a BIG Squeeze!! She loves when family is around, it gives her a break from mom and dad.
This is what I mean by way to much fun. These swings are the BOMB! The trees that theses swings are attached to are way tall, and they are on a slope. When you swing you go really far out over a meadow and it gives you a little rush! So, my sister and I thought it would be fun to swing on our stomachs, but we were just a little bit worried about smacking our faces on the ground. Don't worry, we were successful and laughed our guts out too!!
My sister was the best! She made it look like she was going to fall right out once she got going!
Aniston sat in her swing and took in all the craziness. She LOVED the swing and could have sat out there all day if it wasn't so cold.
My cute sister, her husband "Sock", and Olive. Oh, and I can't forget to mention their rockin' Scout in the back.
Our family, gosh they're cut!

Aniston's new things

Aniston put her own shoes on for the first time!!
Taking baths in Grammy's sink. She asks to take tubbies in the sink all the time now.
Falling asleep while she's saying her prays. Just kidding! both Chis and I have found her like this.
Pushing her own shopping cart. This was one of my favorite things to do when I was little, so I let Aniston do it one morning while we got a few things at the store. The shopping trip took about an hour and we only got maybe 10 things!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Chris and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday!! It's hard to believe that it's not 6 or 7 years because I feel like we have been together forever(I mean that in a good way). I have a hard time remembering what life was like without him in it, and I am so thankful that he found me and snatched me up. I feel so lucky to be married to him, and have the opportunity to be with him forever. I think we are just learning how to get along and that little things don't matter, but that's what you get when you put a very stubborn person(me) and a laid back person(him) together. Things have gone so well for us, and we have been blessed so much.
We celebrated with Aniston and went out to the Dodo, a restaurant Chris did finish work in and worked at for a few months. It's one of our favorites, and they have awesome food and deserts!! Aniston was not in the best mood(2 molars are coming in, she only had a 30 minute nap, and she was hungry), so we had to trade off taking her out and try to get some food down her when she was happy. Chris suggested that we order take out and he would go pick it up, but like I said I'm stubborn so I wanted to take her out and make her behave...hahaha! You get what you ask for I guess. So, needless to say we ordered our desert take out, and took Aniston out screaming. A cute set of couples just smiled at us and when I said sorry they said not to worry and that they had been there before. I like people who are nice and understanding, they make a situation less embarrassing! We put Aniston to bed and then dug into our yummy desert. The night was typical of our anniversaries in the past. Something is always just not quite right, but overall it turns out and at least we can laugh about it. Maybe next year we'll find a babysitter?! Oh, and of course I didn't take a picture because that would be important...ahhh!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Willard Bay

I love boating, and what better place to do it then Willard Bay?! My brothers and Chris went out in the morning and then Megan and I met them in the afternoon. My sweet husband bought me a new wake board(it only cost like $11.00 total and $10.00 of that was shipping!!!!!), so I was excited to get out and use it. WOW am I out of shape!! I struggled to get myself out of the water, and then got so worn out after only a few minutes of ridding. I think I'll blame it on the choppy water;). I attempted to help Megan, but I'm not a very good teacher so we bagged the wake board and jumped into the tube. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

Starting out slow, but Megan and I still had death grips

I have the hottest friends!! Megan lost her shades, so she snatched up these goggles the guys found floating in the water.
Megan in the wake board, and me floating around TRYING to show her how. I've since retired, I'm not supposed to be a teacher I've decided.
My new board rocks!!! Really though, I can't tell a difference.
Christian, my littlest bro, finally got up on the wake board this trip. Makes me proud!!!
Stefen up on one ski!
And last but certainly not least, the hottest man in the WHOLE world!!