Monday, August 24, 2009

Silly Sal...

Aniston is pretty silly, and we are amazed at the things she comes up with and decides to do. Here are a few that top the list:

Aniston has bubble gum toothpaste, so brushing her teeth is even more exciting than it has been. She could brush her teeth for hours, and tends to wander around while she brushes. She was out in the kitchen and her tooth brush has a suction cup on the bottom, so she stuck it on the fridge. She played with her "magets" for a minute and then went back to brushing, with no hands!!

My little timid girl actually suprises me every once in awhile and goes totally out of her comfort zone. My friend Lindsey and her little boy envited Aniston and I swimming and we couldn't pass it up. Aniston is very timid in the water, and so I expected her to be clingy and to have a few episodes. She proved me wrong and was so content and calm. She could have walked around in the kiddie pool all day if I would have let her.

My parents, Aniston and I went to the lake together for one last time before school starts, and Aniston was awesome! She actually sat up and looked around while the boat was going, she helped Papa drive, and SHE GOT IN THE WATER WHILE THE BOAT WAS STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE!!! That is momentious people. She swam around with me and splashed and had the best time. It's to bad boating season is coming to an end.

She was crazy Sunday, and wanted to go outside to fall asleep!? So I said we could walk outside and she could fall asleep on my shoulder. We walked and she wasn't falling asleep, of course, so I asked her if she wanted to go inside and sleep on her bed. She told me "no", imagine that, and said she wanted to fall asleep in the car. WHAT?? She doesn't like riding in the car, and is a real treat on car rides! So I put her in her seat in the car and we drove around our apartment complex and she actually fell asleep within 5 minutes.
Aniston understands more and more and it shocks me when she will talk about things so randomly. This one is really random, and by the way...we are NOT expecting. So Aniston knows when she sees a lady with a "big belly" there is a baby inside because we've talked about it a lot because she's a big fan of looking through her scrapbooks. So, we're at Target and she sees a lady with a belly and says something to the effect of a lady having a baby in her tummy. She also says that this lady has a "big tummy", loudly too. Oh well, at least she understands the concept and she's a child which means she tells the truth. So, she continues to talk about babies in tummies most days, and then a few days ago she says that mommy has a baby in her tummy. Umm ok, does she know something we don't? I tell her that there is no baby in my tummy, but that when she was little tiny she was in my tummy. So this is her next comment: "baby is at church!".
So that's our Silly Sal for ya. I love it!!

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