Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crusher in the Tushar

{Beaver, UT July 14th} Chris has been excited about Crusher for over a year. The 3 of us headed down to Beaver Friday, and stayed the night at the KOA(best idea ever!). Aniston and I hit the heated pool while Chris made sure his bike was ready to go, and then we hit the hay early. It rained most of the night and into Saturday, but it didn't bother Chris and he was actually hoping for rain(crazy). He took off about 8am, and Aniston and I waved goodbye, cleaned up camp(but made sure to play Barbies first), and then we went to Cove Fort to pass time. I was preoccupied worrying(what else is new), and Aniston wasn't super into the fort, etc., but we did the little tour and then hurried back to Beaver so we wouldn't miss watching Chris come in. We waited and waited and worried and worried(@ least I did), and finally we saw the red handle bars coming around the corner!! Chris looked a bit "crushed", but he finished strong! He finished the 70 mile, 10,000+ ft of climbing in a little over 7 hours! He's already planning to do it again next year, even though he said it was the hardest thing he has ever done AND that he wanted to throw himself off the side of the canyon road just so the EMTs would come get him. Aniston and I think he's pretty stinkin' rad!
the start
Cove Fort

swimming lessons

{July 2-12, 2012} Aniston took swimming lessons for the first time this year. She did so well, and has overcome MOST of her fears. She's a whole different person in the water and Chris and I are so proud of her! By the second week, she was going under water, and towards the end of the week she was swimming under water!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

camping july 6-7

We decided our little 4 man tent was too small for the 3 of us, so we upgraded to a bigger and taller tent just in time to camp up Big Cottonwood for a race Chris had planned on doing. We pack up the car and crossed our fingers that we would get a spot.
We were lucky and got a spot, but weren't as lucky with the weather. We went from this
to this
and then had to hang out in the tent until it stopped. Aniston was entertained with the camera while Chris and I chatted.
The hail put out the fire, drenched the pile of firewood that we didn't get covered fast enough, washed to bike, and left our chairs soaked. It did stay out of the tent. but left a muddy mess. Our neighbors were nice enough to share some dry firewood so we could finish cooking our dinner, and then we called it a night. Chris got up bright and early to race, and Aniston and I cheered him on.
The tent passed with flying colors so we'll be using it again soon!

july 4th, 2012

Our neighborhood really gets into the 4th! Grammy and I ran the 3K, then we went back home and had breakfast with Chris and Aniston and caught up on the Bachlorette. The parade was fantastic as always, and Aniston was one happy girl with her bag full of candy!
Chris headed off to a race just before the parade ended, and Aniston and I relaxed for a bit while we waited for Chris to get home. We finished off the 4th with a BBQ @ Papa and Grammys, a few fireworks, and a movie.


Aniston is really into the camera; mostly behind the camera.
She's into folding clothes too, and one day she asked me if I could get her some clothes to fold. I'm liking this! She's also really good at putting the folded clothes and towels away.
And we can't forget about the bike, she's gotta keep that clean!

Father's Day

{June 17, 2012} Aniston and I spent a couple days before preparing gifts. I used Papa's saw to cut the wood we needed for our projects(1st time ever using one and I still have all 10 fingers!).
With all the crafting we were doing for our dads, Aniston needed a craft and her ponies needed somewhere to sleep.
Papa and Christian came over for dinner, and they stayed a played for awhile...
Both Aniston and I are pretty lucky to have such great dads!!