Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crusher in the Tushar

{Beaver, UT July 14th} Chris has been excited about Crusher for over a year. The 3 of us headed down to Beaver Friday, and stayed the night at the KOA(best idea ever!). Aniston and I hit the heated pool while Chris made sure his bike was ready to go, and then we hit the hay early. It rained most of the night and into Saturday, but it didn't bother Chris and he was actually hoping for rain(crazy). He took off about 8am, and Aniston and I waved goodbye, cleaned up camp(but made sure to play Barbies first), and then we went to Cove Fort to pass time. I was preoccupied worrying(what else is new), and Aniston wasn't super into the fort, etc., but we did the little tour and then hurried back to Beaver so we wouldn't miss watching Chris come in. We waited and waited and worried and worried(@ least I did), and finally we saw the red handle bars coming around the corner!! Chris looked a bit "crushed", but he finished strong! He finished the 70 mile, 10,000+ ft of climbing in a little over 7 hours! He's already planning to do it again next year, even though he said it was the hardest thing he has ever done AND that he wanted to throw himself off the side of the canyon road just so the EMTs would come get him. Aniston and I think he's pretty stinkin' rad!
the start
Cove Fort

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