Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our latest events...some fortunate and others not so fortunate

After some much needed reorganizing in our apartment, we took a newly discovered picnic blanket and went to the park for dinner and to feed the ducks. We managed to get some food, although not much, in Aniston and then we went over to the ducks and let them nibble on our leftover biscuits. I thought we were going to be attacked by them, but Aniston was content with these wild birds in her face trying to eat the biscuits out of her hands. It was a fun new thing for us, I'm not sure why we never did it before?

FINALLY...that's all I've got to say about this! We finally made it out to the lake for the first time this summer. We took the waverunners out this time, and Stefen, Chris, Aniston and I went. It was a chore getting them unloaded with Stefen in the car keeping it in park, Chris catching the waverunners, and me unloading while all the rich snobs with their Master Crafts and Esclades watching us struggle and impatiently waiting to launch their boats. We decided we needed to go when more people could come, and that I need more muscles. Oh, and I forgot to mention the slime on the boat ramp. Both Chris and I slipped our fair share and a few curse words might have slipped out of my mouth too. After all that we went out and had a blast!! Aniston really didn't like it, but she is a trooper and sat there with eyes closed and didn't say much. I think she actually fell asleep towards the end. It's so funny to listen to her tell about the boats and the noise they make and the water spashin' in her face. It was a much awaited trip that ended up being a blast, as always!!

Now for the NOT so fortunate event...

My parent's ward had their campout which started on the 22nd. I had to work that night, so my parents said they would just take Aniston up with them. I had a bad feeling right from the begining, and I was worried for a few reasons: #1 Wild animals and their tendency to be wild. #2 Water. It is dangerous and little kids fall in so many times because they are wild. #3 Aniston is wild. She gets into trouble because she is wild. So there ya go, 3 perfectly valid reasons to be worried, but really it was a gut feeling and I just knew something bad was going to happen. But, I trust my parents and knew they would take care of Aniston because they ALWAYS do. So feeling ill and very emotional, I buckled her in her carseat and held back tears as they drove away. I then went inside and said a prayer, one of many that day, and tried hard to have faith that all would be well. I got busy a few times at work and didn't think about it, but I was physically ill most of the night. I really just kept telling myself that I was being a worry wart and that I was going to need some heavy ulcer meds if I didn't quit it. After work I went home and showered and then called to make sure Aniston was ok. My mom didn't answer her phone so I called my dad who had already come down to do a job. He said everything was ok, so I just put my phone by my head and tried to go to sleep. My mom called me about 30 minutes later and said that Aniston had taken a spill out of her high chair. She said she had hit her eyebrow on a chair and that some of the ward members had helped cleaned it up and said it probably would be ok. My mother is a very cautious lady, so she said that she would take Aniston to Instacare if I wanted her to. She ended up telling me she thought it would be best just to take her and that she would call me and tell me what happened so that I could sleep. Hahaha...sleep...when my baby girl has gotten hurt...hahaha. I freaked and hurried and threw clothes on and jumped in the car to meet them. My mom got there with Aniston and I just wanted to cry. She had a few other bumps on her face and I just felt horrible that something had happened to my baby girl. I also felt a lot of sympathy for my mom, she felt so bad. So, after a VERY TRAMATIC process to stich up her eyebrow that included a pillowcase and a sheet to tie her arms back, me holding her legs down, my mom holding her upper body down, and two nurses holding her head still, this crazy but experinced doctor stiched Aniston's eyebrow up(3 stiches I think). Aniston freaks if she is "stuck" and can't move freely, so this was probably more tramatic in that way than it was having her eye stiched up. I had to laugh when she was trying to blow the sterile towel off her face, that's my girl! So my little princess has a few stiches, some swelling,and a bruise that looks like she got into mommy's make up. She's done really well considering and we just have to keep reminding her not to touch it or pull off the bandaids.
I really feel so thankful and blessed that nothing more serious came out of this. I know that Heavenly Fater answered my prayers and kept our baby safe. A few stiches are welcome if that's all she ends up with in her life. I thank my Heavenly Father for Aniston every day, and for her health and safety. She is so special to me.
Aniston was back to normal so we went up to the camp to have dinner. She found a bike and took it for a spin, she's so stinkin' resiliant!!
BIG squeezes for Daddy and Mommy!! I love when she grabs us and pulls us in for one of her big squeezes.
Being a little shy when I asked her to give me a big cheese so I could take a picture of her hurt eye.
I caught her while she was busy eating berries. The brusing makes it look even worse! I'm going to get a picture, maybe, when they take off the steri strips to take out the stiches. I'm pretty sure that the whole event will be almost as bad as getting the stiches in!

Friday, July 17, 2009


Oh no! The binky broke, so Aniston threw it away in the garbage. Hallelujah!! I thought the day would never come. We've been 3 days without it...SUCCESS!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I have an announcement!!

This is crazy, but that's me for ya.....




You're probably confused unless you know my eating likes and dislikes. I hate eggs, at least I thought I did. The last time I ate them(8th grade) I was sick, no lie, for a few days by the disgust. A few nights ago at work I thought they smelled and looked pretty good. So, the next night I asked Chris if he wanted breakfast for dinner and told him I was going to try to eat a scrambled egg. I put a bunch of stuff in with the egg to kind of make the egg not so potent, and cooked them almost to the burning point so they wouldn't be slimy. I like them and had to stop myself from eating to much just in case they made me sick like the last time. So, my conclusion...I'll eat them again sometime in the future and only if they are scrambled or in an omelet and cooked really well. Also, I'm not pregnant and having a very random craving, just in case you were wondering. I know, I'm crazy:)

New toy

Chris has a few perks where he is working and he snags some AWESOME deals occasionally. This snag just happens to make me VERY happy!! Usually he brings home some bike part or some other random thing that I don't have a clue about, but this time he brought home something that I have been(actually all of us wanted this item) dying to have for a very long time.



WE LOVE IT AND CAN"T WAIT TO USE IT!! Chris had a little run-in with the mountain last week and has a few battle wounds that need some time to heal, and then you may never see us!! We'll ride off into the sunset:)


We took Aniston to Lagoon and she had a blast, I think!! She did really good on almost all the rides. She didn't like waiting in line or sitting there waiting for them to start or get off when they stopped. She also wasn't a fan of going by herself, a TRUE girl.
My sister took her on the first ride, and Aniston just sat there and said "out". I don't know what I was thinking, but Megan and I took Aniston on the Tidal Wave next (yes she's tall enough, almost) and as soon as we were going she had a death grip on the seat belt thing and she was SHAKING!! I felt so bad, but I also couldn't stop laughing. Aniston sat there shaking until the ride stopped and then we got off and she told everyone about it! She went on a bunch of the little kid rides, and Daddy took her on Puff(how he fit in that ride I'll never know)! Aniston went on a few fast rides with us, and she would scrunch into the person she was riding with and close her eyes until it was over. Her favorite ride was the little kiddie swings, and the ride that seemed to scare her the most was one of the water rides that all of us went on together. I think it scared her because we were screaming and moving all over the place to try and not get wet, and I think that made her a little nervous.
The day was SOO FUN, and I was so glad that Aniston had a good time. She is a timid little stink sometimes, but she did so well on the rides. Life is such a blast with her in it!
Chris and I laughed when we got home at our tired and sore bodies, we never thought we would get that way after a few roller coaster rides! I guess we are getting a little older.
Aniston's first roller coaster ride...she's got this look on her face like what the heck is this crazy thing I'm on.
Poor girl, her mom takes her on a ride that almost scares her to death. I felt so bad and shouldn't have been laughing.
Ridding puff with daddy. Sorry I put the picture in and didn't turn it, you'll have to click on it to make it's funny to see the look on Aniston and Chris' faces.
Yay!! She was LOVIN' these swings and had a fit when it was time to get off.
Scott thinking he is invincible and Shelbi just along for the ride!!
Megan was really scared out of her mind, and I was about to throw up! The white roller coaster has been around FOREVER and we were all VERY unsure that we would come back alive.
This little kid ride was Chris' favorite!! you have to click on this picture to see his's hysterical!!
This was one of those rides that Aniston had to go on by herself, and she didn't like the idea from the beginning. I think she actually was crying during this ride and just wanted off. If anyone wants to come with us next time and bring your kiddos let me know cuz Aniston would love a buddy!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our goings on

My favorite things Aniston says lately:
"gooness sakes"
"oh my gooness"
"bine you" (by you-she says this when she wants you to lay down by her)
"lips"/"gum" every time we get in the car we must apply lip gloss and have a piece of gum...she never forgets!!
Aniston is also learing the jump and I taught her a dance move last night(haha like I know any real dance moves). She puts words together more and more each day, and she is getting really good at telling people what she has done. She can spell her name, count to 20 with a little help here and there, and is getting more and more independent. She is going to be 2 in about a month, and I just can't believe it. She has grown up so fast!!

Here's a bunch of pictures from the past week of adventures!!

We went to temple square one evening with Uncle Rob to take some pictures. Aniston LOVES the temple and we even got to see some BIG horses!!
CHEESE!! I LOVE snapping pictures of my cute baby girl, and she loves cheesin' for them too.
She gives the BIGGEST squeezes all the time. She was squeezin' me so tight I thought my head was going to pop off. I think she know I needed the extra love since I had to work that night and wouldn't get to celebrate the 4th with her and Chris. Chris said she loved the fireworks for the most part. She wore sunglasses when she watched them cuz they were too bright!
Whenever we go to Papa and Grammy's house, Aniston makes a b-line for the swimmin' pool. She'll go swimmin' whether there is water or not.
Chris helped Aniston dress up in this little ballerina/angel getup. He always talks about making Aniston be this rough tuff girl, yet he throws this outfit on her!?
This was the coolest swing EVER!! I want one for Aniston's room...she would have been content all day in that thing.
Cheesin' before she played in the water.
Not liking the water. I think there were just too many kids and the water sprayed a little to much.