Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

This Thanksgiving was a little different considering: Chris wasn't there cuz he was working, my brother Stefen wasn't there cuz he is serving a mission, my sister Shelbi and her husband weren't there cuz they were with Scott's family, my Dad was sick and couldn't taste much of anything, and we had 2 turkeys and a ham plus a bunch of other yummy food but the 2 turkeys weren't ready when it was time to eat. We just had ham for Thanksgiving and then ate the turkey as we cleaned up the dinner. I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to eat a Thanksgiving dinner, so it was fine that not everything was just right. I love this time of year and all the fun family memories that I have from the past. This was just another to add to the memory book!!

Aniston ate some of EVERYTHING and she LOVED it!!

This is the infamous bubble gum machine and all the kids LOVE "gummies"

As we drove home after our yummy dinner, I was showing Aniston all the pretty Christmas lights. She kept saying "wow" and "petty" the whole way home. She helped me with the Christmas tree Friday, and loves the lights and sparkling ornaments. Christmas is so much more special with little ones around. I worry that the real reason of Christmas will be lost in all the other things that go on around Chritmas time, and I hope that some way I can keep Christ as the center of our celebration through the years.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a fan of Vampires... actually just Vampire movies

I saw Twlight, I was excited about seeing it. I loved the books, I didn't want to follow the trend of reading them though... but I did and don't have regrets. I think I will see the movie again and possibly read the books again too. I recommend them to all who haven't fallen into the trend. They are great books and I do NOT like science fiction and I am not really a reader, but I think you should read them. At least go see the movie. I took Aniston and she liked it, so what does that say? She watched it at least, and when I asked her if she liked it she nodded her head yes.

Monday, November 17, 2008

7 Quirks

Thought this may be kind of fun and a little embarrassing too...
1. I wash my hands way to much and use hand sanitizer to much too. You should see my hands now, they are horrible. I am afraid of germs so I wash them and they're gonna fall off one of these days.
2. I have to chew the same amount of food on one side of my mouth as I do the other. If 2 yellow M&Ms go on one side, 2 yellow M&Ms have to go on the other.
3. I HATE to touch raw meat, and I will NOT if I don't have to. If I do touch it, I get the chills and wash my hands immediately!!
4. I can smell a fart before it comes out, ask Chris if you don't believe me.
5. I weave in and out of traffic even if I'm not in a hurry. I tried to stop, but I can't!! I just can't stand to go slow.
6. I'm afraid of the dark, more like I'm afraid of WHO might be in the dark.
7. I hate to get into a bed that has not been made. If I don't make my bed all day I will make it before I get in it just because I think it's so uncomfortable to get in a bed that's got blankets every which way.

I tag all of you that haven't done this yet. I wanna know if you're as quirky as me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a few yummies

My sister made the BEST sweet mashed potatoes and I just have to share the recipe with you and you gotta try them... they are divine!! You just boil peeled sweet potatoes in apple juice, drain the apple juice and then mash them up and add brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon to them and serve. SOO YUMMY!!

I also got this yummy recipe from Paula Dean on Food Network that is to die for and surprisingly not as rich as it sounds. You mix a brownie mix as directed and then poor half of the batter into a 9x13 baking dish and then put 3 whole king size Symphony bars (you gotta use the ones with almonds and toffee)down on top of the layer of brownie mix. Then just poor the rest of the brownie mix on top of the candy bars and bake as directed on the brownie mix box. Let them cool if you use the Symphony that has the toffee and almonds in it, that way the toffee isn't sticky and has it's crunch back. You'll want to eat the whole pan!! I'm sure you could use whatever kind of candy bar you want and they would be yummy good.

Chris' family came and visited for a few hours last week, and we had fun catching up! Aniston loved all the attention and I am so glad we were able to see them again since it's been more than 2 months since the last visit.

1st REAL haircut

I decided that I am NOT a "hair cutter" and that my skills are not acceptable, so I took Aniston to my hairdresser and had her do her thing. I love Aniston's new hair do, and she seemed to like it to. When she was finished cutting her hair, Aniston shook her head back and forth like a shampoo model, it was hysterical!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


3 bottles of acrylic paint at Wally World... $0.97
3 year old sponge paint brushes from who knows where... $1.00
1 boring student apartment bathroom with a little paint to brighten it's day(and mine)....


And with the rest of the paint, lets have a blast smashing it in our fingers & making a pretty picture, getting it all over ourselves, and smearing it in the bath tub!! There was a huge mess and some stains, but we had fun making a mess.


Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a lot of fun this Halloween and we got to do some fun things with Aniston. Halloween night was a blast, but it was hard not having Chris there(he had to work). My sister and I took Aniston trick-or-treating in my parents neighborhood and she was a crack up!! I made a broom for her and she wanted to tickle everyone with it. They would open the door and she would shove her broom in their face and say "deddle deddle". She said "trit treat" and "tantie" to the people we went to. We hope all of you had a very Happy Halloween and we hope the coming seasons are full or fun memories!

Look at how much she has grown and changed in 1 year!!

Trick-or-Treating at Aunt Shelbi's work

After Uncle Christian's concert- he's Steve Erkel

carving pumpkins

Halloween party for my parent's ward... my mom made this clown costume for me when I was 2!!