Sunday, February 20, 2011

This little sweetheart has a little bump on her forehead thanks to a sneeze and the white board marker tray at Gram's school. It was a dramatic moment when that sweet little head smacked that mean tray, but she survived.

That little incident didn't stop her from doing what she does best...

This little girl is ALWAYS on the move and ALWAYS chatting up a storm.

She chatted right through this announcement...

from my favorite sister, who is currently 11 weeks PREGNANT...
Aniston will have a new cousin this September!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Got home this morning and little Miss Aniston came into my room while I was getting ready for a shower. She asked me to hold her. I caught myself thinking about how great it would be to just put her in bed next to Chris and hurry and get in the shower so I could snag a minute or two of sleep before Chris left for work. Then, I wised up and took the opportunity to hold my baby that's not really a baby anymore. We had a little conversation that included lots of I love yous and her telling me I should never go to work again. I'm good with that! I'm so glad I held her instead of climbing into that hot shower. I don't do it nearly enough, because this sweet baby in that rad red chair(the one I held her in this morning), is growing up WAY TO FAST!

Monday, February 14, 2011

who i love most...

That tall skinny man standing next to me is the love of my life, truly! He is a lot like the man I dreamed of marrying, only better.

This little beauty is my best friend too, she even told me I was hers! She makes me happy, she makes me stronger, and she makes me a mother which is a dream come true as well!

Friday, February 11, 2011

love him...

Chris scored tickets to the Jazz vs. Bulls game this week! The game was a blast, even though we lost.

Chris turned 28 yesterday. We celebrated with some yummy dinner, cake, ice cream, and a gift he's wanted for awhile. Everyone needs a nice set of "as seen on tv" push up contraptions right?! He loved it all, and we love him!!

Aniston had to try them out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


She's into my shoes, my shades, and especially my purse and going to the airport. She goes there often so she can go see Shelbi and Scott, pick up random people, go to "Arinonas", or to get "Tinny and Tomie" whom I have never met. She always says goodbye to us, and is back before we know it.

before and after

The bikes have their own room, along with all of his other "stuff". Because of that fact, he was responsible for doing this...



dancing queen

Aniston LOVES dance class and LOVES her teacher Miss Kim. I love to watch her, she makes me smile!
All smiles waiting for class to start!
You can't help but smile when you see that face!

I snapped these 2 pics of class, and then was told pics weren't allowed. Whoops!

Aniston and Daddy went on a date to the Utah gymnastics meet along with Presli and Joe. Chris brought her home with a half eaten bag of cotton candy, a full bag of kettle corn, and a tattoo on her cheek!
Aniston was going to the airport to "fly to Chicago to see Shelbi and Scott," and she wanted to make sure Aunt Shelbi would be there to pick her up. Their telephone conversation would have been worth recording!
Aniston "helped" me make these Valentine's decorations, and in the process she handed one to me and said "will you accept this rose?". She's full of stuff like this, she's always quoting movies and things she hears!!
I love her, even if she can be a "mess" as Chris says!!

out with the old and in with the new

This is why we decided to go out with the old...
Our mattress was on the floor the entire time we lived in the apartment(9 months!!), because the box springs wouldn't fit down the stairs.
Chris hit his head daily.
Our laundry set up...AWFUL!!!

Our NEW place has yet to disappoint. We love it, we love living in it, we love our landlord, we love the neighborhood and ward, and we love how close we are to work now too(well, I'm close and Chris catches the van which is just as close).
Aniston loves having a room for all her toys! Her bedroom has this cute little room attached to it with folding doors to hide the mess!

The kitchen is so nice and BIG! I haven't been able to fill all the cupboard space and the shelfs in the pantry, but I'm working on it.
We have so much nice open space! When everything went trough with the old apartment being rented, we went out and got a couch to celebrate! We have NEVER owned a couch in our 5 years, so this was exciting for us to actually have a nice big, soft, comfy couch to relax on!