Sunday, June 29, 2008

Girls Camp... as a leader

I was called to be the assistant camp director in my parents ward, and silly me I said yes. Camp was this past week and it was VERY interesting. I never knew how much went into it as a young woman, but now I appreciate my leaders more than ever. It was crazy and even though things were a little out of control for my liking, it was fun and the girls liked it. Aniston got to come along and she was such a good baby! The girls LOVED her to pieces and she loved all the attention. I loved the break and being able to have others entertain her. She got a little overwhelmed at times, but overall she did FANTASTIC!! It was VERY hot and by noon she was in a onesie with sunscreen slathered from head to toe. She slept in her stroller which was propped up on a cooler in the shade, and decided that eating leafs was a good idea. The leaf thing was horrible, I was cleaning up after the messy girls and turned my back and she reached for a leaf and ate it!! Then she choked on it, it was traumatic!! She's alive, but I had to pound on her back and tip her on her head to get it out. I got home Friday afternoon and then worked that night. I was totally dead and then went to work again Saturday night. I'm running on a small amount of sleep, but Chris survived this past weeks adventures and so did Aniston. I am happy the week is over, and hope and pray I never get called to do any sort of calling in the young women that involves camp or presidency.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

and we're off...

We did it, we finally have our own place!! Minus the fact that we now live in a cynderblock walled, purple carpeted student apartment, things are fantastic on our own. We moved last Monday, and have been slowly making our little place a home. I almost jumped up and started cheering when we found out we can paint, so we'll definently be adding our personal touch to the walls. We were happy to see Joe, Kalli, and Presli this weekend, and Aniston loved getting to play with Presli. We miss our friends from St. George, and are always glad when we get to visit and catch up. Once we get everything situated I will post more pictures.

Aniston gets to sit in her chair on the floor to eat right now because we are in the process of getting some sort of table/bar.

This chair is so rad!! It was my grandparent's and I have always thought it was way cool, so they gave it to me. Now it's Aniston's princess chair!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Daddy, one day I'll meet my Prince Charming, but you will always be my King...

I want to tell Chris how wonderful he is, and that I think he is the best Daddy in the whole world. I am sure if Aniston could tell her Daddy what a great person he is and how much she loves him, she would. Right now her hugs, smiles, and wet kisses are good enough!

I also think that I have the best Daddy in the whole world. He has picked me up at the lowest of lows, and been my crutch as I have gained a testimony. He is the one person I knew I could turn to when I didn't think I could make it. He is ALWAYS there for me, and I know he loves me by his actions alone. He is an awesome Papa, and Aniston loves to hang out with him. Papa's beard is just about the coolest thing! I want to wish my Dad, Chris, and my father in-law a VERY Happy Daddy's Day!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Stefen!!

My brother, Stefen, turned the big 19 this past Saturday and we had a BIG birthday bash!! I'm sad we won't be able to celebrate with him for the next two birthdays, but I know he's doig the right things serving a mission.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"hangin' out"

Aniston and Daddy like to be a little crazy sometimes, and this time Daddy decided to play bats with Aniston. Lucky her, she got to hang upside down for a few seconds.

Uncle Stefen decided to take charge and get Aniston to take a nap and he ended up taking one with her... how cute!!

Swinging with Aunt Shelbi in the back yard. Aniston LOVES her Aunt Shelbi and ALWAYS gets so excited when she sees her.