Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bywaters came for a whole week, and that meant a whole week of fun... We played...
We swam...
We went up the canyon for dinner...
We swam some more...
We had a Cinco de Mayo party @ the Bywaters...
We also... went shopping @ City Creek, went out one night and saw The Avengers, and Aniston went with Grammy, Shelbi, and Elsi to The Children's Museum. Can't wait for another visit!

picnic @ the park

We love this family. I'm pretty sure if they let us, we would take their kids home with us! The boys LOVE Chris, and Knox made Chris' day because he wouldn't let Chris put him down.
Kalli made a comment that this particular piece of equipment looked dangerous. Madden ended up with a fractured elbow; mother knows best!

{April 27, 2012}

Grammy, Aniston, and I headed to Aunt Mary's for a visit. She's so much like Grandma Jean, and being around her makes me feel closer to Grandma. We took some flowers to Grandpa and Grandma's grave, and Aunt Mary surprised us and came along. Aniston loved it, she had a buddy in the back to play with during the ride. It was a perfect day!

1st race

Aniston raced for the first time and she loved it. Chris had a race earlier that day and placed 2nd. I was pretty proud of my 2 favorite people!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

{5-13-2012} Celebrating with my miracle; I am so lucky to be her mother.