Saturday, October 30, 2010

just call me Edna, Edna Mode

Chris decided this was the year he wanted to dress up for Halloween AND he even knew what he wanted to be. He has an obsession right now with all things bike, so after watching Rad BMX (a movie from the 80s about a BMX rider) over and over, he decided he wanted to be Cru Jones.
It took a few days and one very late night, but after a few unpicking sessions I got it done. Chris loves it, says he's going to wear it every day all day(like the kid he is). Aniston and I joined in to support Cru Jones and Rad Racing and wore Rad shirts and put on a little 80s get-up(I love the 80s, so I loved the attire and side pony!).
I absolutely love going to the races, watching Chris do something he is passionate about, and meeting and being around all the racers Chris has become friends with. I'm also, slowly, talking myself into racing. It won't happen soon, but one day I'll do it and I'm sure Aniston will too.
check ou those red rad lips
thumbs up for rad
Chris Jones racing in his "Big Ring" kit

Cru Jones for Rad Racing
The Rad crew posing by the Hell Track sign(Chris made the sign and mine and Aniston's shirts)
Cru Jones racing with the top Cross racers
Aniston and I left Chris at home to write his paper and went to listen to Christian play his Barisax in the band concert. He and Stefen have both played in the band, and they both have had the opportunity to play in Jazz band(I've always thought those who play in Jazz are rad!!). Aniston has loved Halloween this year, and she loved all the decorations and Halloween music and even got to see Shrek and Fiona! Christian did amazing, playing with all the other cool band geeks and on his solo in Jazz. His costume was clever too, he looked just like Popeye!
There were so many cool decorations all over, and Aniston wanted to check them all out
Mr. Christian!! He makes me proud

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is how we feel about the snow, well at least Aniston and I!

We took Chris to catch the van to work, and then came home and played in the snow as much as you can when you're in your pjs and have no boots.

Aniston tried to start a snowball fight!
Welcome snow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the perks...

There's nothing like your own backyard, fall leaves, and the cutest little girl I know!


First stop... Benihana. Delicious and entertaining!
Megan and Jake aka Prince Charming

Then, onto Kingsbury Hall for the show!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

hello and goodbye

Shelbi got to stay for a week and a half after the wedding to work here in SLC, so we tried to do as much as we could with her. Shelbi came over yesterday to go to lunch and have us drop her off at the airport. Aniston was napping when she came, so I asked her if should would go wake Aniston up so we could get going. The look on Aniston's face was the MOST excited look I have ever seen from that little girl! She absolutely adores my sister, and I love it! I cried when she left, and I cry still every time I think about how far away she is. Aniston is constantly talking about Shelbi, about Scott, about "Acago"(Chicago), and flying on a plane to go see them or them flying to us. Today she told me this:
"Mom I'm gonna go on a mission."
Me: "Where are you going?"
"To rescue Scott and Shelbi from Acago"
This conversation has come up before, but the mission part is new.
I hope we can go on that mission soon!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

So much fun with little proof

This past weekend was a blast with Shelbi in town, Chris' race, and no major plans. Thursday night Aniston, Grammy, Shelbi and I slept over at Grammy's in her front room. We had a blast watching Beauty and the Beast(Aniston's first time!). I have no proof of this event unfortunately.
Saturday's race was at the State Fair Park. Aniston and I found a place to watch the race, and then she found a new friend to watch it with. She asked if she could go talk to this lady who was sitting by herself, so I told her yes and then watched her go right up to the lady, sit right next to her, and not say a word! The lady started talking to Aniston and I just watched laughing! I went and sat next to them and the 3 of us chatted until the race started. Aniston found some more friends to play with while I snapped as many pictures as I could. On the last lap I waited and waited for Chris to show up, and when he finally did I noticed he wasn't riding his bike. I ran over and asked if he was ok, and he was! The bike wasn't though, so he threw it over his shoulder and ran the rest! He was doing so well until the bike broke, but I was still proud of him for finishing!!
Saturday night Mom, Dad, Shelbi and I went to Cami's wedding reception. I am so glad she found someone worthy of her! She is one of the sweetest, smartest, funniest people I know and I love her and I am so happy for her and her hubby Russ.

Running in!!!
The damage, most likely from a wood chip getting flicked up, caught, and then as Chris peddled his derailleur ripped off.


Aniston said...
"I know you want to play with this, but it's time to go to bed" and she said it in the sweetest little voice to me as I was looking through the adds.
"Mommy, you're a Barbie!" The best complement I've gotten in awhile!!
"I was "hinking" maybe we could buy this one" as she is pointing to the scariest most ugly Halloween costume in the Sunday adds.
"Mommy I really like this movie!" 5 minutes into Iron Man 2.

Aniston really likes all the Disney princesses, so when she saw Tinker Bell at my work party, she asked if she could go talk to her. When I said yes, she walked straight over to Tinker Bell and stood by her. She may have said a few things to her, but she mostly just stood there looking at her, she must have been in awe that she was actually next to Tinker Bell!! Also at this party, was the very scary witch from Snow White. All the kids were so scared of her, but Aniston wanted to go talk to her. When it was Aniston's turn to go pick out a prize from the witch's bucket, she went right up there and was more interested in looking at the witch than picking a prize!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last week was crazy! I tried to squeeze a few to many things into the schedule and on top of life, Stefen got married. Each day last week I wanted to teach Aniston a letter in her name. A went well, n may never be remembered, i was the only one she would wright by herself, s is 3 to her, and t and o have yet to be learned...that's how the week went!
Friday afternoon Aniston and I met Megan and "Price Charming" (Jake) at Gardner Village to see the witches. Aniston wouldn't get close to the witches at first, but she warmed up and didn't want to leave.

The wedding was great, all of it! I loved seeing family and friends and seeing the perma-grin on Stefen's face! Aniston loved her "goldie" dress and all the accessories from Bri. Chris was sweet to chase her around while I socialized, and she was wild and all over the place thanks to all the sugar!

Wedding dinner Friday night
Dad's Birthday was Saturday, but we celebrated Friday night with some pie and a bunch of friends and family!
Aniston's entertainment was Aunt Shebli's heels.
Corey, Bob, Stefen and Bri
The groom's cake, totally Stefen!

All the hotties in the family, except Papa!!

Aniston and this bench clicked, and it followed her everywhere.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things that keep my mind off other things...

This is my favorite time of year because...
Races, weekly races! And the excitement and pure joy it brings my sweet husband.
Aniston loves them too! She is the best cheerleader and cow bell ringer around.

Halloween is my favorite because...I love the cool weather, the smells, the candy, the parties and trick-or-treating, dressing up, AND the decorations! I've wanted this cat to add to my decor, but refused to pay full price. I had to buy it though, Aniston was brave and put her hand in the scary trick-or-treat bowl, and I like to keep my word...

Speaking of the little Miss...she keeps me going. She has been the best hug and kiss and love giver and I have enjoyed all of it! She is learning the letters in her name, playing dress-ups, building towers for her princesses, singing Halloween songs, reading books from the library, and playing Hungry Hippos all day every day!

And I, I keep looking at this picture. I can't help but think of and admire those who have gone through trials bigger than my own. I can't get enough of my own family and each of my friends, and how good they are to me.