Saturday, October 30, 2010

just call me Edna, Edna Mode

Chris decided this was the year he wanted to dress up for Halloween AND he even knew what he wanted to be. He has an obsession right now with all things bike, so after watching Rad BMX (a movie from the 80s about a BMX rider) over and over, he decided he wanted to be Cru Jones.
It took a few days and one very late night, but after a few unpicking sessions I got it done. Chris loves it, says he's going to wear it every day all day(like the kid he is). Aniston and I joined in to support Cru Jones and Rad Racing and wore Rad shirts and put on a little 80s get-up(I love the 80s, so I loved the attire and side pony!).
I absolutely love going to the races, watching Chris do something he is passionate about, and meeting and being around all the racers Chris has become friends with. I'm also, slowly, talking myself into racing. It won't happen soon, but one day I'll do it and I'm sure Aniston will too.
check ou those red rad lips
thumbs up for rad
Chris Jones racing in his "Big Ring" kit

Cru Jones for Rad Racing
The Rad crew posing by the Hell Track sign(Chris made the sign and mine and Aniston's shirts)
Cru Jones racing with the top Cross racers

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Bywater said...

All Hail Edna Mode! You did a wonderful job dear! :) The costume looks fab.