Monday, October 18, 2010


Aniston said...
"I know you want to play with this, but it's time to go to bed" and she said it in the sweetest little voice to me as I was looking through the adds.
"Mommy, you're a Barbie!" The best complement I've gotten in awhile!!
"I was "hinking" maybe we could buy this one" as she is pointing to the scariest most ugly Halloween costume in the Sunday adds.
"Mommy I really like this movie!" 5 minutes into Iron Man 2.

Aniston really likes all the Disney princesses, so when she saw Tinker Bell at my work party, she asked if she could go talk to her. When I said yes, she walked straight over to Tinker Bell and stood by her. She may have said a few things to her, but she mostly just stood there looking at her, she must have been in awe that she was actually next to Tinker Bell!! Also at this party, was the very scary witch from Snow White. All the kids were so scared of her, but Aniston wanted to go talk to her. When it was Aniston's turn to go pick out a prize from the witch's bucket, she went right up there and was more interested in looking at the witch than picking a prize!

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Mackay Family said...

I wish someone would call me Barbie...lucky you! She is too cute!