Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Last week was crazy! I tried to squeeze a few to many things into the schedule and on top of life, Stefen got married. Each day last week I wanted to teach Aniston a letter in her name. A went well, n may never be remembered, i was the only one she would wright by herself, s is 3 to her, and t and o have yet to be learned...that's how the week went!
Friday afternoon Aniston and I met Megan and "Price Charming" (Jake) at Gardner Village to see the witches. Aniston wouldn't get close to the witches at first, but she warmed up and didn't want to leave.

The wedding was great, all of it! I loved seeing family and friends and seeing the perma-grin on Stefen's face! Aniston loved her "goldie" dress and all the accessories from Bri. Chris was sweet to chase her around while I socialized, and she was wild and all over the place thanks to all the sugar!

Wedding dinner Friday night
Dad's Birthday was Saturday, but we celebrated Friday night with some pie and a bunch of friends and family!
Aniston's entertainment was Aunt Shebli's heels.
Corey, Bob, Stefen and Bri
The groom's cake, totally Stefen!

All the hotties in the family, except Papa!!

Aniston and this bench clicked, and it followed her everywhere.


Mackay Family said...

What a pretty wedding! You look beautiful! Love the colors!

Ally Cox said...

I wish we could have made it! You all look great! Hope all is well!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What pretty colors!!! I love both you and Aniston's dresses!!!