Monday, March 29, 2010

LOVE these girls!!

Sticker face...she LOVES stickers, and loves to put them on her face, hands, clothes and anywhere else she can. One night she put 3 pages of stickers on the microwave!

Aniston is ATTACHED to this lady bug like she was to her binki. So, with this attachment we've been able to accomplish and complete potty training, both #1 AND #2. Aniston caught on fast, but then struggled with #2, so when she would go in her panties, lady bug had to go bye bye in the closet. That really upset her, and finally she realized life is better when you poop on the potty and get to keep lady bug around too. Thank goodness!! She also carries around her little "friends" which are usually little plastic toys she's collected. She found these ducks in the treasure hunt we had in our apartment complex, and she has taken them everywhere since. She even makes "ducky food" in her kitchen for Chris and I.
Aniston LOVES Birthday parties, so when she heard it was Megan's Birthday she wanted to have a cake and balloons for Megan. We managed the cake part and some yummy dinner. Chylie or "Chalie" as Aniston calls her, came to the celebration too! We were all looking mighty fine since Megan had been in the OR all day, Chylie and I had worked the night before and were running on very few hours of sleep, and Aniston was just happy to be with her "friends". I love these girls!! I can't forget to add that Megan is holding "Snoop Dogg" the mouse. Aniston likes Snoop Dogg just like her mommy(that's probably not a good thing?!), so I am guessing that is the reason she told Megan the mouse's name was Snoop Dogg.
LOVE this picture, Chris is really good at taking shots like this at just the right time. Poor kid had to sit and listen to the 3 actually 4 of us all afternoon. When we get together we can get pretty loud and wild, and Aniston competes with the noise like a pro!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chris has a new hobby, well it's been new for the past year and a half, but Aniston has taken a liking to it recently. She puts on his gear anytime she can get her hands on it.

I'm starting her early! I'm no slave driver(Chris would argue that), but I am willing to let her help with certain things like wiping her hand prints off the tv, putting dishes in the sink after meals, and thanks to Uncle Scott's employment with Dyson we have this handy vacuum that adjusts to her height and is light enough so she can vacuum...

My baby brother is 16!!! UMMM hello, I remember going to the doctor with my mom when she found out she was pregnant. I remember seeing the ultrasound picture my mom left out on the kitchen table for us to see when we got home from school showing us that we would have a baby brother. I can't believe time went by that fast! I love this kid.
kind to everyone
a ladies man
a good listener
a fabulous uncle
and a loyal friend
My family, minus Stefen who was probably talking to his "girl" friend, and Chris and Scott who were taking pictures.
Aniston, Christian(my baby brother), and me

Thanks Grandma Shanna for this beautiful dress!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

playing catch up

I hope to make this blog into a book, but I'm not keeping up like I should.
We've been busy, but that's how we like it!
Aniston makes us laugh, and we LOVE that!
She has said a few "funnies": I was vacuuming and she was dancin' to some music, but
came into me and told me "BE QUIET!!! I CAN'T DANCE!!!". Chris was watching
basketball and her and I were cuddling, bord out of our minds, and she says
"I'm sick of Daddy and basketball." We were walking home from church and
stopped to talk to some neighbors. When we started to walk again, their little
boy wasn't following. Aniston says "we can't leave him, he needs to come with
us." So I told her to go hold his hand and walk with him, so she did. They
walked hand in hand with big smiles on their faces until Aniston led him off
the sidewalk. After some reassuring, she let him grab her hand and they walked
the rest of the way home.
For reasons Chris and I are both unaware of, Aniston talks about "my sister".
She mentions her often and says she's either "at school" or "at work" when
we ask where she is. One day, "my sister" was in the closet.
Dear Aniston's sister...I sure would like to meet you, and Aniston really needs
someone besides Mom and Dad to play with. You're welcome to come anytime!
*I'm not pregnant
We are so excited for summer, lots of fun plans and I really could use a good day out on the lake with my wake board.
We are looking for a new address as well. The cinder block walls are less inviting than they once were(and so is the mold, which actually was NEVER invited).
Chris was called to be a ward clerk, like father like son.
Chris is taking the summer off, mostly because the classes he needs aren't taught summer semester. I am so excited...we LOVE having him around!
I am going to graduate FINALLY! Just have to get Dixie to pull things together and stop messing things up all the time. I can't say anything good about the place, except that I have some good memories there(sorry I had to throw that in because I am bitter).
I love my job, even if I have to scrub a c-section(I need a bottle of Pepto if there is even a threat). More than the actual job, I love the girls I work with. As long as I work there I'll never have to call a dr for questions, pay for a shrink, use birth control, or wonder if I am the only mother that feels inadequate because she's to tired to get off the couch after a night shift.
Life is good...
The new computer is not, so no pictures this time...

Friday, March 5, 2010

We miss you dear St. George. Our weekend was just to short, but we enjoyed every minute. Aniston was PERFECT in the car.
Chris was AMAZING competing in his first duathlon, finishing time was 2.19! Who runs a 5k(little over 3 miles), bikes a 40k (25 miles), then runs another 5k??? Like I said...he's AMAZING!! Too bad his bike chain couldn't compete.

Me and my tired hubbs...he's AMAZING!!!

Aniston and Ali were crazy and lovin' every minute of the whole weekend. They jumped, ran, screamed, hugged, and played their hearts out. River got more than a glance from Aniston this visit, she actually cuddled up to him for pictures. He is a gem...perfect as can be with lots of chubbers; my favorite! I'm pretty sure he weighs as much as Aniston did when she was his age(and spits up as much too!).
Aniston was a little timid, but thanks to Uncle Brian, she made it down the slide!
Kissin' River!
I love the leg crossing!

Dinner with the whole family was a treat, and I mean it...a treat! Aniston missed out, she was just to worn out and had to catch a few zzz. She did wake up once, somehow she found herself on the floor(not sure how she fell off the bench).
We celebrated the February birthdays with the yummiest cake. Can't believe there are 4 of us with birthdays the same month, and 2 of us with the same name(named after the same person too!).
Trevor, Jenna, Jena, and Chris...I don't think we had enough candles for all of us!
We left early Sunday, and can't wait to go back. Hopefully Grandma's pool will be warm enough next visit. I hope next visit will included visits with friends, we've missed all of you that are still down there. We love you Jones family and we love St. George too.
Aniston must have been totally worn out from all the fun, she fell asleep right after we left.

Thanks great grandma for the fun Tinkerbell bath bubbles!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

letter to me...

You make life interesting.
Today was interesting, to say the least.
You should listen to Aniston when she says she wants to eat lunch at Grammy and Papa's.
Getting uptight and worried only makes you more clumsy...SO STOP IT!!
NEVER even think about being a waitress...period.
You're lack of "skills" landed your coke and almost your salad on the drink machine, counter, and floor at Cafe Rio all because you think your daughter won't mind and stay right by you.
Give her some credit...she has 2 ears and listens well.
Remember to be kind to others like that lady was to you.
Thank goodness she helped you filled your coke up, it was much needed!
Remember to NEVER let Aniston play on the chairs, she needs to pick a color and stay on it.
At least you did what every parent SHOULD do when their child is screaming(even if the scream is from pain; her poor little bum, hard floors are not forgiving), pack up and leave.
Your conversation in the car was pretty cute, apologizing back and forth about the adventures at Cafe Rio.
Lets try for a better day tomorrow.