Friday, March 5, 2010

We miss you dear St. George. Our weekend was just to short, but we enjoyed every minute. Aniston was PERFECT in the car.
Chris was AMAZING competing in his first duathlon, finishing time was 2.19! Who runs a 5k(little over 3 miles), bikes a 40k (25 miles), then runs another 5k??? Like I said...he's AMAZING!! Too bad his bike chain couldn't compete.

Me and my tired hubbs...he's AMAZING!!!

Aniston and Ali were crazy and lovin' every minute of the whole weekend. They jumped, ran, screamed, hugged, and played their hearts out. River got more than a glance from Aniston this visit, she actually cuddled up to him for pictures. He is a gem...perfect as can be with lots of chubbers; my favorite! I'm pretty sure he weighs as much as Aniston did when she was his age(and spits up as much too!).
Aniston was a little timid, but thanks to Uncle Brian, she made it down the slide!
Kissin' River!
I love the leg crossing!

Dinner with the whole family was a treat, and I mean it...a treat! Aniston missed out, she was just to worn out and had to catch a few zzz. She did wake up once, somehow she found herself on the floor(not sure how she fell off the bench).
We celebrated the February birthdays with the yummiest cake. Can't believe there are 4 of us with birthdays the same month, and 2 of us with the same name(named after the same person too!).
Trevor, Jenna, Jena, and Chris...I don't think we had enough candles for all of us!
We left early Sunday, and can't wait to go back. Hopefully Grandma's pool will be warm enough next visit. I hope next visit will included visits with friends, we've missed all of you that are still down there. We love you Jones family and we love St. George too.
Aniston must have been totally worn out from all the fun, she fell asleep right after we left.

Thanks great grandma for the fun Tinkerbell bath bubbles!!

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de Roda Family! said...

She is SO cute!! Congrats Chris.. that doesn't look easy!! She is getting so big and freak'n adorable!!