Saturday, March 24, 2012


Christian turned 18 this month. I can't believe it! We celebrated twice,(because he's that special!!):

March 11th(the day after his Birthday)
dinner: homemade mac and cheese
cake: brownies

the after after party:
Spinning! My dad did this with us and now he gets to sacrifice a pj shirt for his grandkids!

Resting and getting a foot massage...

party #2 was....

We all hid...

while Chris was on the look-out
then came the SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bowling idea courtesy of Pinterest

goodbye and hello

This was the last of the "big" snow at our house...
It buried all our vehicles(we own 3 currently, and I feel like Papa is rubbing off on us). The newest one is in the back, not buried in snow. Because of that sweet car, I made it up the hill!!

And this is me, happy at 6amish, because...

I will no longer be working nights; now that's something to be happy about!!

Monday, March 19, 2012


{March 19, 2012}
Aniston wasn't her usual chatty self on the way home from Papa and Grammy's today. I asked her why she was so quiet. Her reply:
"I like being quiet, it's my favorite thing to do!"
Right, I'm pretty sure that was the tallest tale she could tell. Then tonight she snuggled in our bed while I was on the computer, and again she was quiet.....

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet Penelope

{March 3rd 2012}

This is Penelope, she is my very own pamperer. She gave me a mani/pedi along with a great foot/leg massage all while I laid in bed enjoying my Saturday morning!

Friday night I took her to a baby shower. It was a blast, she was a blast, and as a thank you, we were given this darling basket of pampering items! Aniston got right to business when we got home and wanted to use everything ASAP. I promised her she could in the morning, and sure enough she was up and ready to pamper first thing! She called me Ma'am, called the toe dividers "massadgers", and told me her name was Penelope.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

girls night

I love these 2! Megan headed up the craft, I chose wings, and Chylie was sweet enough to let us call the shots.