Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a huge spot in my heart for both my grandmas, so when the fruit in the orchard is ready for pickin', memories come flooding in! My dad let me and my two besties pick the peaches this year and take most of them for ourselves(love him!). As I stood and peeled them I thought: wow this is hard work! wow I'm really bad at just peeling off the skin! and boy do I wish I could be doing this with my grandmas! I peeled a bunch and did my version of canning. After I was finished, I made a little peach treat with the help of my little princess.

My kitchen was a mess!! Peach guts were EVERYWHERE!
Modern day canning
Aniston helping with the whippy stuff for the peach desert. That sweet bruise on her chin came from nursery, thank goodness she'll be in primary soon(they're more reverent).

Friday, September 17, 2010

stuff about our sweetie

:Aniston was messing around and knocked over my folded clothes. I made her refold them, and I wish I could have taken pictures of her folding job, but I didn't(not appropriate to show off my garments!). :Chris and Aniston watched my least favorite movie, Nacho, one night when I was at work. They like to quote one of the lines when I'm around to bug me... Aniston's version: "I wanna ween, I wanna see what it tastes like-o". :Aniston will add "sweetie" to the end of a few phrases she says, too cute! :She is constantly saying that she has to go to work. You ask her what she does and her reply is..."take care of the babies". :She uses the word but A LOT in her sentences, beginning, middle, and even at the end. :Anytime she is asked how she is doing, or sometimes what she is doing, she'll say..."I'm doin' great!!". :She likes it when we exercise! She will do it along with us, sit and watch us, and she is always asking us if we're wet(sweating) and need a towel. She will ask if she can touch our face or back to see if we are wet, kind of disgusting I know! She gets really excited when she sees me in my "exercise clothes" because she knows Megan is usually on her way over to join the fun! She notices when I don't work out, and it's good for me because I know someone is keeping track! :My bad habit of Diet Coke drinking has rubbed off a bit on Aniston. She is always asking to have some of mine, and my favorite part is how she says it..."I need some Dina Coke!" :Naps are getting to be rare with her. But one Saturday while I was at work, Chris noticed she was really quiet so he went to check on her. She was in bed, covers up, and when he asked what she was doing she said..."I'm tired.", and she went down for a nap all by herself! :She learned a new song in Nursery, and she was always asking us to sing it to her. We had no clue what song the "turtle song" was, so she would get really upset at us for not singing it. After church last Sunday, she came home singing it all by herself.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 years old!

Aniston is 3, and there is no question about it! At her 3 year check-up Dr. Ferierra said she was as healthy as they come! She is 40 pounds(96th percentile) and 41.5 inches tall(100th percentile). Not to shocking, we expect that!

Meal time isn't her favorite, or ours either! She likes to tell us "I already did sweetheart" when we tell her it's time to eat. She thinks that because she already ate the previous meal, she's good to go!

Aniston loves it when Daddy gets home, and she lets out a few barks to say hi, still!At night, her and I like to sit on the couch and talk to Daddy. He's busy with homework, so that's how we squeeze in some time with him.

We went to the fair last week. All she wanted to do was go on the pony ride and ride the "caroself". She wasn't real thrilled with the animals, and she didn't want to touch them because she said they were yucky(wonder where she gets that?!). I thought after she went on both she would stop asking to go on things and just sit back and enjoy the fair, but after both she continued to ask to go on the rides. She liked watching the rodeo events and she thought the deep fried Oreos were pretty tasty too! Her favorite treat was the Cotton Candy Chylie shared with her, she's still talking about how yummy it was!
Her smiles for the camera make me laugh! She definitely kept her distance from the animals.
Not getting to close, just in case.
Jess finally got Aniston to pet a goat!
Pony ride! She LOVED this.
First taste of Cotton Candy. She wasn't very sure of it the first nibble, so she asked for the pink instead of blue. Pink was delicious, and she could have eaten the entire bag!
Me and my big girl!
The big girls, minus Jess. We had so much fun, like we always do!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

things she eats these days: fruit, milk, and more fruit
Humpty "Dumpy" is her favorite nursery rhyme
Cinderella is the princess she adores
she tells me her favorite animal is a horse
she paints with very few colors; pink at our house, blue at Grammy and Papa's
she asks almost every day this question: "so whad ya do today?"
her toy of choice these days is her new Cinderella doll
a hug and kiss before someone leaves or she leaves is mandatory, and so is both at bedtime
she's been pretending she is a dog lately, getting pretty sick of the barking!
we "make" her hair everyday(it's about time she start getting used to this!)
she really does not like "putting my head back"(washing her hair)
Aniston likes playing with my hair and gets it out of my face for me too

I was bossing Aniston one day and she threw up her hands and said
"So you think you're a Princess?"
We pop the breaker in the kitchen often, and when it happens Aniston will say
"ahh seriously!!"
"I'm sorry you got mad at me Mommy" I guess is her way of saying she is sorry?
"I'm being a good girl"(when we tell her she's being naughty) and "I'm not crying"(while she's crying) are her attempts of getting out of going to time-out.
Aniston was teaching me how to say words the other day, it was so cute to hear her talk to me like we have talked to her when we've taught her how to say things.
I took her to the temple and she absolutely loved it! We walked around and played in all the water, and then I took her inside to see the Christis and to cool off. When she saw the statue she said "look Mama Jesus wants to hold me!" and she also noticed that we had the same Jesus in our house(smaller of coarse). I showed her that Jesus had marks in his hands, and I tried to explain them as simply as possible. We went back down to look at more pictures and stopped to talk to the sister missionaries. Aniston told them we had just seen the Jesus statue and that she saw the marks in his hands. We then went over to the pictures and she said "Mama there's Mary with Jesus." It really surprised me, even though it shouldn't, that she knew that. She remembers and knows more than I think. She listens when she is taught, and so I knew then just how important it is that we take the opportunity to talk to her and teach her about Jesus and the gospel.
She's getting smarter, taller, sweeter, sassier, more stubborn, more limber, and more observant every day and I absolutely LOVE her! We missed her 3 year check-up the other day, which she was very upset about, but it's next week and I can't wait to see where she's at!