Thursday, September 16, 2010

3 years old!

Aniston is 3, and there is no question about it! At her 3 year check-up Dr. Ferierra said she was as healthy as they come! She is 40 pounds(96th percentile) and 41.5 inches tall(100th percentile). Not to shocking, we expect that!

Meal time isn't her favorite, or ours either! She likes to tell us "I already did sweetheart" when we tell her it's time to eat. She thinks that because she already ate the previous meal, she's good to go!

Aniston loves it when Daddy gets home, and she lets out a few barks to say hi, still!At night, her and I like to sit on the couch and talk to Daddy. He's busy with homework, so that's how we squeeze in some time with him.

We went to the fair last week. All she wanted to do was go on the pony ride and ride the "caroself". She wasn't real thrilled with the animals, and she didn't want to touch them because she said they were yucky(wonder where she gets that?!). I thought after she went on both she would stop asking to go on things and just sit back and enjoy the fair, but after both she continued to ask to go on the rides. She liked watching the rodeo events and she thought the deep fried Oreos were pretty tasty too! Her favorite treat was the Cotton Candy Chylie shared with her, she's still talking about how yummy it was!
Her smiles for the camera make me laugh! She definitely kept her distance from the animals.
Not getting to close, just in case.
Jess finally got Aniston to pet a goat!
Pony ride! She LOVED this.
First taste of Cotton Candy. She wasn't very sure of it the first nibble, so she asked for the pink instead of blue. Pink was delicious, and she could have eaten the entire bag!
Me and my big girl!
The big girls, minus Jess. We had so much fun, like we always do!


Tren and Chylie said...

Good times!!!

Bywater said...

I am totally laughing at the lady with no teeth in the ticket booth! Quality Fair personal :)