Sunday, August 28, 2011


We celebrated our 6th anniversary on Aug. 6th! We had big hopes of big plans, but decided we're simple people that do simple things...
We headed out, child free, to The Dodo. We went there for our 4th anniversary with Aniston and didn't end up eating together(we took turns taking Aniston outside so people would stop staring at us).
We got our desert to go(tradition), rented a movie, and headed home(child free). Simple is best...
We are simple, 2 simple people that simply love each other.

memory lane...
painting our bedroom
2 months before we got married

Thursday, August 25, 2011

pretty darn funny...

"tell your doctor people that you're going home and you don't want to work anymore"
Pretty sure she loves it when mommy and daddy aren't at work!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Aniston went to see the doctor today. She was extremely nervous, but was so "brathe"(brave).

four year old stats:

weight: 44 pounds-95%
height: 44 3/4 inches-100%
(the size of the average 6 year old!)

She is healthy, happy, and the sweetest girl around...

We climbed into the Jeep after her appointment and she said, "Mom this Jeep is so amazing!". She thought getting a Belle sticker and sucker was pretty amazing too!
I was starting to feel some major guilt about our lame summer. We hadn't gone on any family outings, done any vacationing, hadn't gone on the hikes we planned, and we hadn't camped once. The Riecks invited us to go camping this past weekend and saved our summer! We had a blast, determined we need a bigger tent, and got to break in our camping stove!

Aniston wasn't so sure about the whole camping thing. She told us many times that she just wanted to go home, but eventually fell asleep Friday night and woke up happy!
waiting for breakfast!
this handsome little guy wasn't in the camping spirit the first night either, but he was all smiles in the morning too!

Saturday we loaded up the sand toys and some lunch and headed down the road to Pineview Reservoir to play at the beach!
I think the big boys had just as much fun making sand creatures as the little kids did!
Joe, Kalli, and Presli making a sand castle
Even though she didn't get along well with the water, she did have a smile on her face(most of the time)!

The kids played so well together! I think the fact that they had zero toys to play with helped.

I was feeling left out after the kids got baths in a bin, so I boiled some water for a sponge bath on the new stove!

Monday, August 15, 2011

this might help...

This photo may help explain why I am the way I am, a little odd. And why my sweet girl usually has a smile on her face; she is surrounded by really silly people. She was laughing so hard that she could hardly keep herself upright. She tripped and almost face-planted all while she was giggling out of control, something her mother would and has done a number of times:)

party party party

Papa and Christian missed the princess party, so we had Papa, Grammy, and Christian over Sunday the 14th for a Barbie party. The Birthday girl was all smiles...
she was so so excited when she could see what this present from Gammy, Papa, and Christian was
she LOVES "Barbs"!!
Everything that came out of this bag was "so cute"!!
I love getting things for Aniston that I wanted as a kid so I can finally play with them! I believe an Easy Bake Oven will also be a future possession.
Daddy gave her a shirt with... a bike! Who would have thought?!
Grammy and Aniston have a little band, so she gave Aniston some jingle bells to add to the collection of instruments.

Aniston wanted a Barbie cake, so I attempted...

I wasn't sure how she would react to me cutting it, so I gave her the honors.

Our party guests with the Birthday girl!

a pet that doesn't stink...

Meet Fin Fin...

It's the best pet ever...because it's plastic!

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

Today our sweet girl turned 4! I can't believe it, she is growing up way too fast!

She got to test the cupcakes before the party and have her favorite...chocolate milk and berries! She was so excited that it was her Birthday!

Grammy gave her a cute Birthday outfit for her special day. She LOVED LOVED LOVED spinning in circles!!

We can't believe she's 4! She was so excited for her friends to come to her party, and excited that it was her Birthday. "It's my Birthday" was the first thing she said to both Chris and I when she woke up.

We had a princess party for her this year, and invited some friends over for lunch and swimming.

For lunch, we had all her favorites: princess crown pb&js, Cheetos, grapes, and "bubble drinks". Aniston hovered over the grapes...
Hayden, Tyler, baby Sydney, Tanner, Korbie, Presli, Madden and Knox all came to the party and made this Birthday girl so happy!

Ty and Hayden
baby Sydney
the Birthday girl

the slip n' slide was a hit!

Tanner, Cheryl(we live in her basement and love her!!), Aniston, and Grammy.
Presli and Aniston, 2 of the girliest girls I know!
Cheryl picked out the perfect present for the princess!
Hayden gave Aniston a ring that she spotted one day while on a weekly Old Navy trip this summer. They were both pretty excited about it!
All her friends were very helpful when it was time to open present, and they were also very sweet to give her such nice things!
The 4 year old princess with her two happy and very lucky parents!
more princess celebration
As a parting favor, we gave all the princes and princesses some accessories and bubble tap for the road.
Aniston got a few Happy Birthday calls, and she was happy to hear from some of her favorite people that are far away.

She played all afternoon with the new stuff she got, and then I asked her what she wanted to do for dinner and the rest of the night. She wanted to get Chick-fil-A and go to the park, and she wanted me to slide with her. We picked up dinner and headed to the park. She was excited about slidding until we started to climb up to the slide. You have to climb a rock structure, and she wanted to be carried. I almost fell off with her wrapped tightly around me, but we made it to the slide. She was very worried...

and then very terrified as we started to go down...
and decided not to do anymore slidding.

We only played for a bit, and then she wanted to get back home to all her fun toys...