Wednesday, January 26, 2011

over and out...

Our new home is FABULOUS!! I love all the space and the "niceness" of the place. Chris and I are SOOO glad things worked out for us to move, because this was much needed. I can tell a difference in us, the mood is lighter and there isn't that underlining issue(the "hole" of a place we used to reside in) looming in our home. I finally feel like I have a truly clean house, and that's important to me! Aniston absolutely loves this home, even though she still has trouble finding her way around. She still asks where her room and the bathroom are, but each day she seems to find her way around better than the day before.
We had to try out our new oven to make sure it could bake some cookies....

it passed!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I think our little Miss is kissing the "terrible 3s" goodbye! She has been such a big helper with the move, she is doing more things all by herself, and she isn't as likely to throw tantrums(I think having Christmas over has helped). Today she showed me/taught me how to put her pants on(Gram taught her)!
I've gotta remember...
She started calling Christian, Chrish. It goes right along with all the other names and words she has started shortening.
She has a huge sweet tooth, and rarely eats much at meal time.
She's gettin' skinny...guess I shouldn't be shocked about that one.
She was so proud of herself today, she reboxed up some of her toys(AHHHHHH, while I pulled my hair out).
She will ask me to do her hair long like Rupunzel or to do it like I've done mine.
She quotes movies a lot, just like her dad.
I don't like Nacho Libre, but her and Chris watch it when I'm at work. After I leave, he tells me that she will come to him and say "Daddy, Mommy is gone so let's watch Nacho!".
She calls Chris by his name and not Daddy a lot.
If Chris and I are disagreeing on things, Aniston will tell us "Everything is going to be alright," love her!
Dance is her new favorite thing! She did so well last week and I can't wait to take her again this week. She did so much better following the teacher and even did a lot of the moves better than the week before.
As I was leaving for work, she told me she loved me and not to cry. She has been having a harder time with me leaving to go to work. It makes me so sad.
Chris and I just love our little girl to pieces! It's been so good to have so much time just with her. We've been able to spoil her rotten and we love that! She has been asking about a brother or sister a lot lately. She asked me for a sister to play with on Christmas, twice! I watched a friend's little boy and Aniston asked me if it was her brother! I feel bad, but it's not in my hands so we'll all just have to be patient and hope it's our turn soon!
We're in the process of moving into BIGGER and better. We'll be able to get our mattress off the floor and back onto the box springs, Chris won't hit his head on the ceiling a million times a day, and I won't have to vacuum stairs anymore!

fun phone photos...

What we do all day after I've worked

Bribery works miracles, especially when moving is in progress

Aniston was so worn out from a crazy morning of trying to get packed and ready for a trip to STG, that she crashed while eating lunch on the ride down!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doing this again, and all 3 of us are very excited...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Aniston makes up some pretty crazy words, uses phrases from shows she watches, and recently has been shortening a few words. She now calls Grammy Gram and Barbies are Barbs. I have heard some other words shortened, but she comes up with so many crazy things that I have a hard time keeping track. She acts so grown up and is getting more independent in so many different ways.
She loves to dress up and loves shoes, especially high heals, and she's been wearing mine until Santa brought her these...

When she sees girls with heals she says "look! she has shoes like these(and she gets on her toes and tip toes around)".


Aniston started ballet today. She was so excited about it, and went right into class and danced her heart out! It was fun to see her trying to follow along, and watch so intently as the teacher, Miss Kim, showed the girls what to do. I am so glad we put her in the class, she has really needed something social and something with structure that she can look forward to every week.
When we first got her outfit, I was really worried about the shoes. She refused to wear them(she's picky about clothes, shoes, etc.). She put them on a few days before class and danced around in them like nothing was wrong, and she was fine this morning when we went to class. I envisioned this meltdown and refusal to wear the shoes, but she surprised me!
After class we went to Grammy's and Aniston told her all about class. Aniston couldn't remember her teacher's name, so she called her "Quesadilla"!