Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 is coming soon!!

Our little princess is inching closer to 2, WOW!! She's getting more independent(she climbed into her highchair all by herself today) and developing into her own unique self! I see both Chris and I in her and I just have to laugh at the similarities. She's all about clean, but she doesn't mind getting dirty. She loves dancing and singing, right now her favorite songs are monkies on the bed, sunbeam, Pokerface, and the new Boom Boom Boom Blackeyed Peas song. She has good taste in music...just like her Daddy!
She's a parrot and will say anything and everything...YIKES!! Some of her more frequent words and phrases are:
"I getchew"-she says this when you're chasing her
"Silly cat dom"- some silly Disney Chanel thing and she says it randomly
"change it"- the girl needs to be potty trained cuz she knows when she goes!
"climb"- She'll say this when she wants to be picked up, or when she's getting up on something.
"I do it"- she's independent, but thankfully will still allow help
"silly driber"- a parrot moment, she got this from me and thank goodness I was on my best behavior and had good word choice
"hands up"- we have a steep hill by our apartment that when we drive down we all put our hands up, free rollercoaster!
"caughtalate milk"- asks for it every morning lately and this is all on Chris, he couldn't resist it one morning when she asked for it at the grocery store...he's a sucker!
"delicious"- Aniston thinks food is delicious!
She knows the difference between a red and green light and what you do when the lights are those colors. She knows most of her colors too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hogle Zoo

This trip to the zoo was a success!! The last trip was a miserable, so I was worried a bit to go. But, it was a blast!! Aniston was way more into things, and had fun hangin' out with Ali.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I get overwhelmed by the spirit and the chills every time I think about the day I became a mother. Every day I thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of being a mother. Aniston is the sweetest! I say that a lot, but it's so true. She has so much love in her little body and she is so full of the spirit. It is so overwhelming to have the responsibility of a mother, but I know that I can do it. Mother's Day was a day filled with gratitude to my Heavenly Father for this wonderful and sweet little girl that he has blessed me with. I can not put into words how much love I have for Aniston, and how much I want for her. I have been given the opportunity by being a mother, to have a glimps into my Heavenly Father's eyes to see how much he loves his children. That is an eye opener!!
I am also SOO grateful to my mother. I look up to my mom, and I love her. She is always so good to me and my family, she always has positive advise for me, and she is such a WONDERFUL Grammy to Aniston. I am so grateful to her and my dad for all of their help.
I remember when I fisrt held her and she looked at me...she had my heart!!

I had to throw this one in, she had the funnest hair and her cheeks, who doesn't love those chubby things!

I love you baby girl, and you make me the happiest mom in the world!!


I'm behind in the past events, but these pictures will sum it up!!

She's in her big girl bed and doing GREAT!! We've got the mattress on the floor to avoid injuries, but Chris has some big plans for a bed frame.

Shelbi got some tickets to the Tulip Festival @ Thanksgiving Point, talk about some AWESOME flowers!

The weather has been really nice these past few weeks, and Aniston LOVES swinging and playing outside on the playground. I love that all the fun toys are right outside our front door!

Megan taught Aniston to roll down the hill while we were watching the Bee's game. We did some rolling, and Megan and I even did a few ground stunts of our own. Who says adults can't do a few somersaults down the hill...YIKES!!

Girls night!! We had pedicures and then went out to eat at the yummiest bakery. I didn't bring a bib for Aniston, so a napkin in her shirt had to do. She wasn't to thrilled with the idea, so we all put them in our shirts, and she kept hers in!

I didn't get the memo that the napkins could go...whops!!


I really wanted to take Aniston swimming because she has not gone since her one year Birthday party in St. George, so I convinced my family to go for family night. I had to twist a few arms, but they all consented to going. It was fun, but Aniston seemed a bit tense and overwhelmed. She talks about swimming and kicking her legs and gets the giggles, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't to tramatic.

All the kids had to take a time out(pool rules...lame!!) so Aniston and I sat on the side waiting to get back in. Even though she was tense and nervous while she was in the pool, she couldn't wait to get back in.

A little nervous, but still havin' some fun in the pool.