Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 is coming soon!!

Our little princess is inching closer to 2, WOW!! She's getting more independent(she climbed into her highchair all by herself today) and developing into her own unique self! I see both Chris and I in her and I just have to laugh at the similarities. She's all about clean, but she doesn't mind getting dirty. She loves dancing and singing, right now her favorite songs are monkies on the bed, sunbeam, Pokerface, and the new Boom Boom Boom Blackeyed Peas song. She has good taste in music...just like her Daddy!
She's a parrot and will say anything and everything...YIKES!! Some of her more frequent words and phrases are:
"I getchew"-she says this when you're chasing her
"Silly cat dom"- some silly Disney Chanel thing and she says it randomly
"change it"- the girl needs to be potty trained cuz she knows when she goes!
"climb"- She'll say this when she wants to be picked up, or when she's getting up on something.
"I do it"- she's independent, but thankfully will still allow help
"silly driber"- a parrot moment, she got this from me and thank goodness I was on my best behavior and had good word choice
"hands up"- we have a steep hill by our apartment that when we drive down we all put our hands up, free rollercoaster!
"caughtalate milk"- asks for it every morning lately and this is all on Chris, he couldn't resist it one morning when she asked for it at the grocery store...he's a sucker!
"delicious"- Aniston thinks food is delicious!
She knows the difference between a red and green light and what you do when the lights are those colors. She knows most of her colors too!

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Kate said...

Wow! I can't believe she is almost too, sounds like she's changing a lot. It's cute to hear the words that she knows. She's adorable