Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas favorites 2010

Christmas Eve pjs!!

Ernie, Santa's elf, that keeps an eye on us
these were our 2 favorite spots Ernie chose to watch us from

making treats for Santa!
this year Santa got cupcakes, and he ate BOTH!

Grammy's themed trees

Remembering the real reason to celebrate...

being with family

Christmas music

the instrument combo was interesting...

holly jolly merry and bright!

Monday, December 20, 2010

let the celebration begin!

The beginning of this month was wild. Chris was crazy; finals and a full-time job. I was busy making hats and gifts, Christmas shopping, working, making sure Chris didn't kill over, and trying to do some fun and festive things with Aniston. So, when Friday came around we were ready for some great company and some good old fun. Rob and Renee came to visit, and I'm pretty sure we all needed this weekend. Aniston was so excited to seen them both, and created some competition for Renee! I think she was a little confused as to who "Nea" was, because when I checked on her before going to be she told me that "Rob's mom was going to check on her." She wanted "Nea" to do everything for her, and I was more than happy to let someone else step in. Saturday we dropped Aniston off to spend the weekend with Papa and Grammy, and the 4 of us headed up to the Canyons for some "fresh pow!". It was AMAZING, relaxing, funny, painful, a bit cold, and a great workout!
We kind of bailed early, but needed to get back home to get ready for the Christmas concert at the Conference Center. It was amazing, and I am so glad Rob got tickets and shared them with us!

Friday, December 10, 2010

date night...

Chris and I had a date tonight, he bailed. Said he had to do homework or something like that. Finals next week means no play and all study for my handsome man. I found myself another date...Megan! We had a great time and the Jazz won!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dear Santa,

(She signed her own name on her letter!!!!)
Her list is long, and anything she wants these days she's sure Santa will bring her. She was given a set of Christmas movies from Grandma Cecile this week and now she knows when Santa comes and how he gets into your house. We, however, do not have a chimney in our home, but Grammy gave us a special Santa key to put out so Santa can get into our house. Aniston LOVES that key, and can't wait to put it out for Santa!


This was spontaneous! I decided at lunch today to do it. She did have them pierced when she was 2 months, but they weren't even and she figured out how to pull them out and put them in her mouth.
She was brave, as brave as you can be when you know you're about to get hurt. And for being so brave, she was given this. I let her paint all by herself, and she was in heaven!

This is what happens when Daddy is in charge...

I'm just grateful he takes such good care of her AND lets her be a kid and make a mess!

Our new Christmas tradition

The new tradition for this Christmas holiday has gone very well! Aniston loves opening a new book each day and loves reading them over and over again throughout the day, and I can't get enough watching her open the book with such excitement. This tradition is a keeper!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

can't forget about Aniston's self decorated tree...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We're ready for Christmas!

Aniston and I have all the decorations up, I've finished all my Christmas shopping, there's a good foot of snow outside, we've played in the snow(Aniston is a pro at snow angels), and even built a snowman! We're ready for the holidays, and can't wait for Santa to come! This year I decided we couldn't have a deep dedication to the "U" or live so close to campus and continue to decorate the tree blue. The tree now sports red and green, and even has a new skirt(my first attempt by my no pattern self).
Aniston is constantly saying "maybe Santa will bring me that", and Chris and I are constantly saying "if you can't behave, Santa won't come". This year one of Santa's elfs, Ernie, is at our house to keep an eye on Aniston for Santa. We have a candy count down made, and this year we're starting the tradition of opening a Christmas book each night and reading it.
Aniston's wish list so far...
"those Barbies at the store"
"some horses and ponies"
"Ironman ornament"

the snow angel pro
my first snowman in years!
Aniston was a great helper!
The tree's skirt

Monday, November 29, 2010

River buddy

I love being an aunt to the cutest, chubbiest, sweetest little boy ever! We had a blast celebrating his 1st Birthday and spoiling him all weekend! He wasted no time when he got his cake! He dove right in, face first!