Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 18-21, 2011

We were able to jet off to STG for a few days. It was a bummer of a weekend weather wise, but we didn't let that stop our fun! Chris competed and officiated in Tour del Sol. It was his first time as an official and he really liked it! Aniston had a blast playing all weekend and we had a hard time getting her to leave(which is nothing new). Chris and I squeezed in a date while we were down there, and got to go visit the docs office I worked at when we lived there(LOVE THAT PLACE AND THOSE PEOPLE!!). Chris had the doc check his shoulder out, he took a dive off his bike the first season he raced Cross, and tore some of the ligaments. Bad news... shoulder surgery in June. Good news... will be healed for Cross season and I get to see my old office peeps!

The Time Trial...
Aniston and I entertained each other in the car, out of the cold, while we watched for Chris.

We almost missed him, speedy little thing!

The Crit...
Some of Chris' family came to watch, and Aniston and Ali got to sit in the fire truck!

It was so fun watching Chris and all the other Big Ring dudes race! I'm glad our family has something "we do".

Monday, March 28, 2011

little ballerina-March 17, 2011

It was so fun to go into the classroom for Aniston's last dance class! I love that she loves dancing, and her teacher, Miss Kim, is amazing! I procrastinated signing her up for the next class, and because of that it was full. We have to wait for the next class to start in May, so until then this little doll will just dance around the house!

the welcome circle
warming up
"Animal Action", they were pretending to be different animals in the zoo, and Miss Kim was the zoo keeper

Miss Kim has them put this bean bag on different places on their partner. My favorite thing about her, is that she lets the girls decide how they want to do it. She would rarely correct the girls through out the class time, instead she would praise them and just let them have fun! Every girl ALWAYS had a smile on their face the whole time, and they learned all the different moves too!
creative dance
final bow
Aniston absolutely adores Miss Kim, and I can't wait to get her in the next class!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

she says...

-"that girl needs to stop cryin' or she won't get a rose," as we're watching Bachelor aka Will You Accept This Rose
-"so what did ya do today?"
-"so, i just need to talk to ya"
-"daddy just throwed my barbie toy on "pervus"
-"LOOK what daddy did, he made a big mess!"

she's a bossy, dramatic, chit chattin' girl with only one volume... LOUD
BUT... she is the cutest little girl i know

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Christian turned 17 last week. Can't believe he's that old. We had a little party for him with a delicious dinner and of course, cake and ice cream. The cake was my first attempt at a recipe my friend gave me. We named it the Hostess Cake because it was loaded with yummy cream filling. Mr. Christian was spoiled, as he should be!

He has to look cool, what teen can walk around and act any different?!
And she can act however she wants to, at least that's what she thinks.
Aniston picked out these candles just for Christian. She LOVES him and also likes to tease him, and he returns the favor! She was so excited to show him the cake, and she kept saying "Christian is going to love the cake and he is going to say oh thank you Aniston for making me a cake!".

Lookin' cool, again.
Papa is always game to be silly with Aniston!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

speaking of heels...

When Shelbi and Scott came to visit, we snuck in a shoe shopping trip. This is just one of our finds...

Aniston LOVES these heels. We made a rule that they can only be worn to church. This girl loves shoes, especially heels, so she was so excited to get a pair of her own!!

head over heels

We refreshed Aniston's memory on summersaults, and then she practiced by going all the way down the hall and back.

I think her head was spinning after she finished!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We were up by our old house today, and decided to stop and get our hose. We pulled into the driveway and Aniston let out a huge "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". She then started to throw a mini-fit! We found it pretty funny. Just goes to show how bad the place really was.
We pulled out of the drive way, and she was much happier! She's pretty dang funny!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some fun in February

We took advantage of the last free day at the zoo for the winter. Megan came along making the trip that much more fun for both Aniston and I! The crowd wasn't as bad as I thought, and Aniston was a gem! she didn't make a peep when it was time to get off the "caroself", and that's a first for her! Whenever we asked her what she wanted to see next, she would ask if we could get food first and then see the animals. She really wanted cotton candy, but unfortunately the zoo was out for the winter months(wink wink). On her adgenda, besides getting food, was to go in the stinky building and see the snakes and go in the water with the alligator?! It felt so good to go out and do something, this winter stuff needs to go bye bye.

Before we left for the zoo, Megan brought a box of the BEST cupcakes in the entire world! My Birthday celebration started a day early thanks to my sweet friend and those dang good cupcakes!
This year I was spoiled by my friends and family. I'm not a big fan of getting older, but I am a fan of all the people that are so good to me!
My parents made me the yummiest dinner and got me my first ice cream cake! Miss Aniston was having a hard day, so her and Papa snuggled while the rest of us partied!

when Shelbi comes to town...

It's always a party when Shelbi is around! We had a blast shopping, laughing, eating, and chatting non-stop.
Shelbi always has cute accessories and she is always willing to share...

Aniston was pretty excited to have a sleep over and share her bed with Shelbi!

Time flew by, which it always does, and now Aunt Shelbi and her baby bump are on their way back home. Can't wait for the next visit!!