Tuesday, March 1, 2011

some fun in February

We took advantage of the last free day at the zoo for the winter. Megan came along making the trip that much more fun for both Aniston and I! The crowd wasn't as bad as I thought, and Aniston was a gem! she didn't make a peep when it was time to get off the "caroself", and that's a first for her! Whenever we asked her what she wanted to see next, she would ask if we could get food first and then see the animals. She really wanted cotton candy, but unfortunately the zoo was out for the winter months(wink wink). On her adgenda, besides getting food, was to go in the stinky building and see the snakes and go in the water with the alligator?! It felt so good to go out and do something, this winter stuff needs to go bye bye.

Before we left for the zoo, Megan brought a box of the BEST cupcakes in the entire world! My Birthday celebration started a day early thanks to my sweet friend and those dang good cupcakes!
This year I was spoiled by my friends and family. I'm not a big fan of getting older, but I am a fan of all the people that are so good to me!
My parents made me the yummiest dinner and got me my first ice cream cake! Miss Aniston was having a hard day, so her and Papa snuggled while the rest of us partied!

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Ally Cox said...

I am laughing right now because Caden calls it a "carouself" as well! Love these kids! I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday! :-)