Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 18-21, 2011

We were able to jet off to STG for a few days. It was a bummer of a weekend weather wise, but we didn't let that stop our fun! Chris competed and officiated in Tour del Sol. It was his first time as an official and he really liked it! Aniston had a blast playing all weekend and we had a hard time getting her to leave(which is nothing new). Chris and I squeezed in a date while we were down there, and got to go visit the docs office I worked at when we lived there(LOVE THAT PLACE AND THOSE PEOPLE!!). Chris had the doc check his shoulder out, he took a dive off his bike the first season he raced Cross, and tore some of the ligaments. Bad news... shoulder surgery in June. Good news... will be healed for Cross season and I get to see my old office peeps!

The Time Trial...
Aniston and I entertained each other in the car, out of the cold, while we watched for Chris.

We almost missed him, speedy little thing!

The Crit...
Some of Chris' family came to watch, and Aniston and Ali got to sit in the fire truck!

It was so fun watching Chris and all the other Big Ring dudes race! I'm glad our family has something "we do".

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briwh1 said...

Stefen says what happened to her? We cant wait to see her!