Monday, December 29, 2008


We got to do Christmas just the 3 of us for the first time this year! It was fun and I think Aniston was excited about Santa. We had fun letting her play with the stuff she got, and then I made some breakfast. I didn't burn anything and I actually cooked eggs...YUCK!! We went to my parents that afternoon and Santa had stopped there too. We felt so blessed to have such a wonderful Christmas and to be able to spend time with family. It was kind of a bummer not having Stefen there, but it was FUN to talk to him that evening. We sat around and threw questions at him right and left and laughed a little too. We hope all of you enjoyed Christmas, and we look forward to the fun that 2009 will bring!!

My mom made Aniston this cute Christmas dress and then the Saturday before Christmas she took Aniston to get pictures without us knowing. Aniston gave Chris and I this picture for Christmas, and it was my favorite present EVER!!

Merry Christmas! Aniston loved all the tags and wrapping paper, maybe more than the presents?!

I'm trying to MAKE Aniston like dolls as much as I did as a kid, so thanks Santa for bringing a doll to help me with that. Chris is constantly reminding me that Aniston's favorite toys are balls and cars. Oh well, I am going to keep trying.

Aniston LOVES Mickey and Minnie Mouse, can ya tell?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and boy was it a project. We have had to rearrange our small living space each year to put up a tree, and this year was no exception. Chris and I moved everything around with Aniston's help of course, and we were at it for half the day. Aniston loves the tree and she is good to remind us to plug in the lights when it gets dark outside.
We had nothing under the tree, so last night I decided that I was going to have Aniston help me wrap a few things, and figured they would probably get unwrapped before Christmas. So, I pulled out the stuff and we went to town! Aniston liked to rip the wrapping paper, and she tried to wrap herself up a few times. She was a good little helper with the tape, and she even carried the presents and put them under the tree! Everythings is still wrapped so far!! My little bug is so much fun and I LOVE her to pieces! I am so excited that the Holidays are here and that I get to enjoy them with my family.

How cute are they?! Chirs dressed Aniston in "whatever". He did exactly as I told him... he put her in "whatever".

Aniston loves to sit by the tree and check it out. She's up for whatever as long as it involves the "petty tee" with the "lights"..."WOW"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa came to town!!

Santa came to Aunt Shelbi's house tonight and Aniston wasn't so sure about the jolly old fellow, but we got her to sit on his lap for a few seconds. She was a little bit tired from our long weekend in St. George with the Jones family, but I can't blame her. She woke up at 4am both mornings and wouldn't go back to sleep. We still had fun with Santa and I can't wait to see what she does when she sees him and she has had some good sleep. Our complex gets to have Santa come next week, so well see how that goes.

We hope all of you are enjoying this Holiday Season, and we wish you all a very Happy Holiday!!

This is random and kind of gross, but I still think it's funny. Aniston likes to pick the lint between her toes. Hey, it entertained her on the way down so I didn't stop her!

Aniston and her "cousin" Nadia waiting for Santa to come to Aunt Shelbi's house. All of Shelbi and Scott's nieces and nephews got these funny elf hats... they all looked so cute!

Aniston got a present from Santa and that was about the only thing she liked about the whole experience. She did blow him a kiss, she said "hi" a few times, and felt his soft fur coat. It was so fun even if she cried and wanted her mom!