Wednesday, December 10, 2008

O' Christmas Tree

We put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving and boy was it a project. We have had to rearrange our small living space each year to put up a tree, and this year was no exception. Chris and I moved everything around with Aniston's help of course, and we were at it for half the day. Aniston loves the tree and she is good to remind us to plug in the lights when it gets dark outside.
We had nothing under the tree, so last night I decided that I was going to have Aniston help me wrap a few things, and figured they would probably get unwrapped before Christmas. So, I pulled out the stuff and we went to town! Aniston liked to rip the wrapping paper, and she tried to wrap herself up a few times. She was a good little helper with the tape, and she even carried the presents and put them under the tree! Everythings is still wrapped so far!! My little bug is so much fun and I LOVE her to pieces! I am so excited that the Holidays are here and that I get to enjoy them with my family.

How cute are they?! Chirs dressed Aniston in "whatever". He did exactly as I told him... he put her in "whatever".

Aniston loves to sit by the tree and check it out. She's up for whatever as long as it involves the "petty tee" with the "lights"..."WOW"


Paige and Garret Story said...

hahah oh husbands! i love that "whatever" comment!

and your tree looks great!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

What a good little helper! She is getting so big and I bet she is so much fun! We really do need to get together sometime soon! I miss you!

Ryan and Tara said...

Cute Christmas stuff. It has taken weeks of bribing Hannah not to touch stuff on our tree. I don't even dare to attempt to wrap presents yet! Aniston is growing so fast! Beautiful girl!

kgoody said...

I will have to tell my father in law there is another little one that likes to clean out the toe jam. He thinks Calli the only child out there. She does it many times a day and tries to do ours and fingers too. Clean freak I guess. lol

Rieck Blog said...

Cute...she is getting so big!!! We missed you guys at our party! We hope to see you over the holidays!