Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you want one of the hats i've been making(scroll down to see the post), let me know and give me details about what you want. I have a few more that I have made that I can post for more ideas or you can email any pictures too. I will charge $10 if I get all the supplies, and less if you get them, probably like $7 or so. I can make them big and small, and I have been attempting the beanies that have the ear covers and I'll get pictures up once I get one finished. Please send me an email if you want one with the details and I can get it to you very very soon! My email is They make great Christmas presents and I'm totally willing to ship them!


We're excited for the holidays, and I just wanted to jot down some things Aniston has been up to.
She LOVES "Christis"! The lights, looking at all the decorations the stores have(we've spent close to an hour looking at all of them in stores recently), and going up and down the toy isles looking at dolls and all the other girly stuff. She actually askes if we can go look at dolls, too cute! She loves to go to Walmart and Costco... my personal favorites too. Aniston is slowly getting the hang of going on the potty. She'll get it one day, but until then, we'll be buying diapers to save on laundry costs. My dad told me what my sweet Grandma used to say about diapers..."Why do they put me in them if they don't want me to go in them?", good question Grandma!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

winter weather...

My dad is one of Aniston's favorites because he lets her do whatever(as long as it's not life threatening of course) and this picture proves it. Aniston was out playing in the backyard with Papa after a nap in this attire. Her pants got wet so I took them off to wash them and put her down for a nap, and I kind of zonked so I didn't hear her get up. My dad just put her jacket on and took her outside with him so she could hang out outside, in 50 degree weather!! Oh well, at least she was having fun!

Aniston and I went on a Mommy daughter date with Mackenzie and her mom Britney to Princesses on Ice. It was FREEZING!!! That is not a big red zit on my nose, I promise! It is proof of winter...I was ice cold and so was Aniston. We had so much fun, and the girls LOVED seeing all of the Princesses.

Here's our 2 year old with her warm winter hat. Chris was having a heart attack when Aniston was walking around in this hat because he said it made her look like she was 5!! I think she's freakin' cute, no matter how old she looks.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last winter I attempted some hats, and I failed. So this year, after looking lots of places and just not being able to bring myself to spend that much on a hat, I was determined to get it right. My first was a little questionable, but I learned and made some changes and was successful on the 2nd and 3rd! Aniston won't wear hers, typical! I wear mine a lot and need to go get more yarn so I can make some in other colors. If you want one, I'll make ya one for around $10 depending on what you want and it doesn't have to have a brim on it like these 2 that I made!

Don't look to close, this was the first attempt. The silk flower that I also was determine to make myself, helps hide some of my mistakes on this first hat!
Thumbs up!! I got it right wahoo!!
This hat is my favorite so far, and I love the band with the buttons cuz it adds some character.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We were a little busy the week of Halloween, and Aniston got to dress up 4 times that week and one other time as well for all the adventures we got ourselves into! I think by far, not only for her but Chris and I loved it too, Halloween was the best! We got to go to St. George and spend Halloween with family. Aniston and Ali were the BEST Tinkerbells out there, and were troopers Trick-Or-Treating! By the way...we ate at the MOST YUMMIEST place while we were there and if you ever go to St. George or live there it's a must!! It's called Wing Stop and their Garlic Parmesan flavor is to die for and the french fries have a sweet/salty goodness to 'em!

Some girls in our complex threw a Halloween party and one of the girls who is a pro photo taker took pictures of all the cuties in their costumes. I threw Aniston's costume together the morning of so that I could get a "good" picture of her in her costume!
Cute Utes Cheerleader and her best friend Mackenzie after their "Joy School" Halloween Party. They were having so much fun playing together at school and wanted to keep playing, so the girls played at our apartment and snacked on powdered donuts (note to self: NEVER AGAIN!!)
This was just the beginning of a very long night for me...I worked Thursday night and slept maybe 1.5 hours Friday and then went to a fun Halloween party with Megan. She gets all the credit for our amazing costumes...she's wild, I'm wild, so they fit us well!! So, I partied like a wild girl(Diet Coke in hand!), and then went and met Chris at my parent's house(they watched Aniston while Chris was at work and I went to the party) so we could start on our journey to St. George. This was about 10:30pm, and we debated for 30-45 minutes about going, and then decided we had to . So, we packed a few treats, put Aniston in the car, stopped at 7-11 for much needed Caffeine, and we were off @ 11:45pm. We pulled into St. George @ 3:45am and my sweet mother-in-law had nice warm beds ready for us to fall into. That was an adventure in and of it's self!!
Aunt Jocelyn doing Tinkerbell hair.
The 2 cutest Tinkerbells EVER!!
Daddy and Aniston out Trick-Or-Treating.
Aniston, Grandpa, and Grandma.
Check out our clothing...notice the short sleeves and it was about 8 in the evening too!!
Guarding the candy bowl. Aniston LOVED the candy...and wanted it all to herself too!!