Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We're excited for the holidays, and I just wanted to jot down some things Aniston has been up to.
She LOVES "Christis"! The lights, looking at all the decorations the stores have(we've spent close to an hour looking at all of them in stores recently), and going up and down the toy isles looking at dolls and all the other girly stuff. She actually askes if we can go look at dolls, too cute! She loves to go to Walmart and Costco... my personal favorites too. Aniston is slowly getting the hang of going on the potty. She'll get it one day, but until then, we'll be buying diapers to save on laundry costs. My dad told me what my sweet Grandma used to say about diapers..."Why do they put me in them if they don't want me to go in them?", good question Grandma!

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