Saturday, November 14, 2009

winter weather...

My dad is one of Aniston's favorites because he lets her do whatever(as long as it's not life threatening of course) and this picture proves it. Aniston was out playing in the backyard with Papa after a nap in this attire. Her pants got wet so I took them off to wash them and put her down for a nap, and I kind of zonked so I didn't hear her get up. My dad just put her jacket on and took her outside with him so she could hang out outside, in 50 degree weather!! Oh well, at least she was having fun!

Aniston and I went on a Mommy daughter date with Mackenzie and her mom Britney to Princesses on Ice. It was FREEZING!!! That is not a big red zit on my nose, I promise! It is proof of winter...I was ice cold and so was Aniston. We had so much fun, and the girls LOVED seeing all of the Princesses.

Here's our 2 year old with her warm winter hat. Chris was having a heart attack when Aniston was walking around in this hat because he said it made her look like she was 5!! I think she's freakin' cute, no matter how old she looks.


Kristi & Mike said...

She looks so adorable!! I love her! Give her loves for us! We miss you guys!

de Roda Family! said...

I LOVE the Hat!! She is adorable!! You will need to teach me how to crotchet so that I can make a hat for my little girl.... where ever she may be!