Friday, February 19, 2010

Aniston @ 2 1/2

Aniston is 2 1/2(really???) going on 16! She is constantly making us laugh and keeping us busy. I thought at one point that I got out of having a terror, but I spoke to soon because she has her moments. Since potty training started, she has been more of a handful and gets into more and more. While potting in the toilet has been conquered, the bathroom brings a whole new trouble of it's own. One night at 1:30am, we caught her playing with her bath toys in the toilet. She had toilet water everywhere including the toilet brush holder, the garbage can, and in the lids of her bath soaps. She has started going into the bathroom without saying anything to anyone and she gets into trouble if we don't catch her in time and get her on the potty. She was afraid to flush the toilet for awhile, funny! I think it still scares her, but she's tough and very independent. I'm glad she's potty trained(sleeps in panties too!!), but at the same time, that's just one more thing that makes her a big girl and that is hard for me because she is my baby. Aniston's favorites: Her lady bug...she won't sleep at our house without it. "sofe blanket"...she likes a nice soft blanket right by her face when she sleeps...Grammy's is her favorite. Singing...she knows words from most songs on the radio that are played over and over and she likes to make up her own songs. Talking...she talks all day long. Dancing...she hears music and she starts a shakin'! The girl has got rhythm!!
School...she always tells us she has to go to school and that she has to do her homework. Aniston will climb up to the computer, move the mouse around and tell us she has to do her homework. This crazy girl puts her wadded up jackets on her head all the time, and if you pull it off and try to get her to wear the hood, she throws a fit. P A R T I C U L A R(gets it from her mom). Going to people's houses...when she talks to my mom or sister on the phone, about the first thing out of her month is "I want to come to your house". Ours must be boring. Snacks...apples(thanks to Papa), grapes, popcorn, fruit leather, cheese crackers, suckers...the list goes on and on. This is Aniston with her lunch that she picked out, which I let her do most of the time. She loves her sweets, but I think she would take the healthy stuff any day! Chocolate mess!! Did I mention the girl LOVES chocolate!! Chockie milk...chocolate milk. Would drink it all day every day if we let her. She's like her dad! "Hold you like a baby"...still loves to be cuddled, but unfortunately it doesn't last long unless she is tired. Movies...Cars, Credibles(Incredibles), Nemo, and Shrek. No princess movies for this girl. She'll also watch "mommy movies" as long as there is popcorn involved. Shoes...not necessarily hers, usually other peoples. She puts her own shoes on sometimes, but we're working on getting them on the right feet and making sure they match. Sporting Mommy's shoes. She loves to get into my shoes, and she'll wear Chris' sometimes too. Painting her it! tubbies...always cries when she has to get out. lips and gum...she doesn't get gum right now because it doesn't stay in her mouth. HOWEVER...she DOESN'T like... bugs...if she sees one or even thinks there is one, she'll scream. getting her hair done...have to have the tv on or she has to look in the mirror. getting dressed or undressed...especially having to pull her shirt off or put it on. I love this girl, she is the sweetest! I can't believe how fast she's growing, and how fun it is to have her. I'm a lucky momma!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

14 loves...

1: Chris & Aniston- they have to share the #1 spot; they are my #1 loves
2: my family- each and every one of them!
3: the gospel- i feel so lucky to have it in my life
4: scriptures- they contain all the answers to all my questions, and help me sleep good at night
5: motherhood- i'm a better person because i am a mother
6: friends- once again, i would not be the person i am if it weren't for all of my wonderful friends
7: sewing- a love i have thanks to my sweet grandmas
8: diet coke- calms my nerves
9: organizing- also calms my nerves and keeps me sane
10: boating- so many great memories
11: exercise- i have a recent love for yoga( i can finally touch my toes!!), and let me just mention here that exercise is a love only when it's over and i feel like a million bucks, every muscle screamin'!
12: laughing- especially with those i love
13: music- i LOVE a good song that gets me movin' and makes me feel good
14: dancing- i've got my own rhythm...can't follow anyone else's, but i love love love to dance; any time, anywhere

Monday, February 8, 2010

Aniston and I had a Birthday party for Chris a little early because this week is going to be a little crazy, and we won't be able to celebrate on Chris' actual Birthday. So, we got the best ice cream, Chris' favorite cake(Rainbow Chip), made one of his favorite dinners(Fajitas), and stopped and got some presents for the Birthday boy(I forgot that I had told Chris his road bike was going to be all he got for a few years...whops!) Aniston helped with everything, which was awesome because I couldn't have done it all without her help. She even made sure Daddy got a balloon by using her charm at the check-out line in the grocery store to score a free balloon. And I have to mention her amazing cake decorating skills, well more like cake decoration eating. She had one lick of the frosting and couldn't stop tasting it! Her favorite was the blue sugar, because she picked it out herself! So, when Daddy got home we surprised him with a party! He was really surprised and was so glad that we were able to celebrate even if it was a little early. He reminded me of a little boy because he couldn't wait to see what we got him, but I made him wait until after dinner and after we sang to him to open his present. Happy Birthday Chris... WE LOVE YOU!! these pictures are backwards, and i tried to rearrange them with no luck. Daddy let Aniston play with his new goggles in the tub and Aniston didn't want me to be left out so she let me borrow hers. New running socks and goggles for his many races coming up this year. Opening presents!! Finally!!!!!!! Our family parting it up! Aniston couldn't keep her hands off! Blowing out the candles. Happy Birthday dinner
This is a classic singing one is on pitch and we aren't together either. Aniston is funny, so that's all that matters!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

potty pro

This big girl is growing up SOOO FAST!!!

About a week and a half ago, I decided it was time to potty train Aniston. We're going on a cruise this summer, and there was no way we were going to bring diapers along. So, we went to Harmons and got the "Potty Watch", and we went potty every 30 minutes all day long. Aniston started telling us that she had to potty every 30 seconds, so we made MANY trips to the potty. The first day was interesting, but she did go on the potty more than I expected. The second day I think she may have had 2 accidents, and the third day she had NONE!! The potty is still a bit of an issue, as it has been used to get out of things like: going to bed, getting down from the table at meal time, and to just get attention I'm guessing. She is really good at telling us she has to go, and accidents happen VERY RARELY!! Gosh, I thought this was going to be miserable! I had so much anxiety about it, but it hasn't been that bad. I'm so glad we waited until now to try though. Potty training is definitely easier when they are ready.
I can't post and not have a funny to tell about Aniston, so here's another one of her moments that Chris and I just had to laugh at(otherwise we were going to cry!).
Aniston had a rough night and had woken up a few times and was WIDE awake! I guess one of those times she decided it was time to play. She's got a thing for the bathroom, she loves to take a bath and she's all excited about going potty on the toilet, so she decided to combine the two. I woke up and heard water pouring in the bathroom, so I sat up and looked into the bathroom and there was Aniston playing with her bath toys in the toilet!!! All I have to say about that is... SICK!! I jumped out of bed, woke Chris up, and started pulling toilet water soaked pjs off the little stinker. Chris cleaned Aniston off while I cleaned up the bathroom. She had used the garbage can, the toilet brush holder, and the lids from her bath soaps as toys. I don't want to think what else she may have done, and I have no idea how long she had been in there. All I know is that she no longer has lids to her soaps, the bathroom door stays shut ALL the time, and she better not do that again. Best part, it was 1:30am!!
This is the face she pulls when she is sassing. She was sassing me as I was trying with all I had to calmly tell her that we don't play in the toliet AND that it was sleepy time, not play time!!!!!