Monday, February 8, 2010

Aniston and I had a Birthday party for Chris a little early because this week is going to be a little crazy, and we won't be able to celebrate on Chris' actual Birthday. So, we got the best ice cream, Chris' favorite cake(Rainbow Chip), made one of his favorite dinners(Fajitas), and stopped and got some presents for the Birthday boy(I forgot that I had told Chris his road bike was going to be all he got for a few years...whops!) Aniston helped with everything, which was awesome because I couldn't have done it all without her help. She even made sure Daddy got a balloon by using her charm at the check-out line in the grocery store to score a free balloon. And I have to mention her amazing cake decorating skills, well more like cake decoration eating. She had one lick of the frosting and couldn't stop tasting it! Her favorite was the blue sugar, because she picked it out herself! So, when Daddy got home we surprised him with a party! He was really surprised and was so glad that we were able to celebrate even if it was a little early. He reminded me of a little boy because he couldn't wait to see what we got him, but I made him wait until after dinner and after we sang to him to open his present. Happy Birthday Chris... WE LOVE YOU!! these pictures are backwards, and i tried to rearrange them with no luck. Daddy let Aniston play with his new goggles in the tub and Aniston didn't want me to be left out so she let me borrow hers. New running socks and goggles for his many races coming up this year. Opening presents!! Finally!!!!!!! Our family parting it up! Aniston couldn't keep her hands off! Blowing out the candles. Happy Birthday dinner
This is a classic singing one is on pitch and we aren't together either. Aniston is funny, so that's all that matters!

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MeganRuth said...

that's so classic! i love it! you spoiled him! how fun! happy birthday Chris!