Saturday, February 13, 2010

14 loves...

1: Chris & Aniston- they have to share the #1 spot; they are my #1 loves
2: my family- each and every one of them!
3: the gospel- i feel so lucky to have it in my life
4: scriptures- they contain all the answers to all my questions, and help me sleep good at night
5: motherhood- i'm a better person because i am a mother
6: friends- once again, i would not be the person i am if it weren't for all of my wonderful friends
7: sewing- a love i have thanks to my sweet grandmas
8: diet coke- calms my nerves
9: organizing- also calms my nerves and keeps me sane
10: boating- so many great memories
11: exercise- i have a recent love for yoga( i can finally touch my toes!!), and let me just mention here that exercise is a love only when it's over and i feel like a million bucks, every muscle screamin'!
12: laughing- especially with those i love
13: music- i LOVE a good song that gets me movin' and makes me feel good
14: dancing- i've got my own rhythm...can't follow anyone else's, but i love love love to dance; any time, anywhere

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