Monday, October 27, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

I took Aniston to the zoo this past weekend for Boo at the Zoo. I will try so hard to be positive in this post, but let me just say... AHHHH it was CRAZY. We live about a mile down the street from the zoo, so I should have walked. I've been sick so I didn't have it in me to tromp up the hill and walk all over the zoo and then walk home. I parked half way between our house and the zoo due to the popular event that it was. We stood in line for about 30 minutes to buy tickets and then could hardly move once we got into the zoo. Aniston screaming the whole way there and getting stung by a bee while we stood in line should have been my clue that it wasn't worth it. So we made it into the zoo and found our way through the mass of people. I was a little bummed that Aniston didn't really get too excited about the animals. The only time she was really excited was when a little monkey came right up to the glass and was checking everyone out. There was a little boy that got in front of her while the monkey was up close, and boy did he make a mistake! Aniston started yelling at him and tried to grab him and pull him out of the way. Poor kid!! What can I say, she's a bit fiesty like her mom. Over all it was not too bad, but I won't do it again probably, unless I have more hands to help with Aniston. She didn't want to sit in her stroller, she wanted to be up with mom checking things out. I think she got a little too overwhelmed by all the people too, I tell ya it was SOO packed and hard to get around with all the people that were there.

The little witch minus her boots. They lasted about 5 seconds and then she was screaming and pulling them off.

Checking out the little monkey.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

she's CRAZY!!

Aniston actually fell asleep like this. I had her sleep with me one night when Chris was gone and I didn't sleep because she was ALL over the bed and took up the WHOLE bed. Wild I tell ya, WILD!!

She gets SOO excited when I let her watch Baby Einstein movies!! She's a crazy little thing, and yes my daughter actually looks like this-socks half way on and crazy hair. I don't do her hair until after her 1st nap, it's useless. She HATES sock and the only thing she likes about shoes is saying the word and wearing them on her hands.

Chris helped little Miss Aniston shove 2 BINKIES into her mouth. She loves binkies and I am not sure when I'll take them away because they save me, and I'm a sane woman when I can plug the screaming child's mouth.

So I will confess, Aniston sits in her high chair on the floor and watches Little Einsteins while I shower, but it looks like today will be the last time that happens. She was half way to the bathroom with the chair still attached when I got out of the shower.

What do I do?

Monday, October 20, 2008

what a day...

I worked last night and actually got to scrub in for a C-Section and help a little bit. It was awesome, but I NEVER want to have a C-Section!! I picked up Aniston from my parent's and wanted to get my sewing machine too so that I would have something to keep me busy and awake today. So, I went out in my Dad's shop and moved a few things, including a rolling car jack to get to the sewing machine. When I moved the jack, I just put the handle upright figuring it would stay and then bent down only to have the HEAVY handle come crashing down onto my cheek bone... OUCH!! I have to admit, there were some curse words and tears as I tried to keep myself upright, it knocked me silly for a second and really made me mad too. I got the machine and went in the house and just stared to cry again as I told my mom why I had a big bump on my cheek. I had it coming, I haven't gotten hurt in awhile so it was time. Aniston and I took a nap this afternoon and I woke up to her hitting my cheek, once again there were some tears but no curse words. I have no sign that I got smacked in the face except maybe a little swelling, so let's hope I'm just a cry baby and it's not that bad. I don't want to have to explain that my husband does NOT hit me.
I made a fun little dress for Aniston today to stay awake, and it actually turned out pretty cute. I won't mention the mistakes I made, cuz I'm sure you can see some of them. It looks cute on her, and I'm going to make a jacket to go with it and then have some Christmas pictures taken in a month or so with her in it. I saw it on a blog and there have been a few girls who have posted the link on their blog. The lady does some really cute retro style clothing for her daughter, and I think it's really cute. I'll put the link on our favorites.

This dress was free thanks to my mom's fabric stash!!

Aniston had fun today with her new rain boots, we just need to get her to wear them on her feet instead of her hands.

Aniston put this fur piece of my coat around her neck, she's pretty hot stuff!!

A plug for KSL

Chris is a VERY talented carpenter and he has made us some AMAZING things since we have been married: kitchen table, entertainment center, and Aniston's dresser. I absolutely love each of them, and have been a little down in the dumps lately because only the table is at our apartment and it is BROKEN!! We have had a few problems with our apartment, and the culprit has been lots and lots of moisture. The seams on 3 of the 4 corners have split on the table because of all the moisture, so the table is looking a little sad. The entertainment center and the dresser won't fit down the stairs into our apartment, so Aniston is without a dresser and there has been no tv at our home. I actually could care less about the tv not being around, but I could cry about the dresser; it's my favorite of the 3 things Chris has made. So I have been on the hunt for something to put our tv on that's SMALL and BLACK to match the decor. Thanks to KSL and persistence I came across one that had actually been sold, but the lady never came and got it so the people called and I snagged it for only $40!! Now we just need to get our tv back from my parents, and we're in business.

our sad table

the new tv stand... Now not only do I get to pick up toys and books, but now the movies get pulled out and scattered everywhere!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

As I have said before, Aniston loves getting in the fridge. She needs a little one of her own because she's getting more and more crazy each time that door opens. She's learning to climb on things and so the other day she thought climbing on the drawer would be fun. So she climbed up on the drawer and down into the drawer she went and got stuck!! I was laughing so hard and Chris was too. We HAD to get a shot of it, so we left her in there while I got the camera. She wasn't to happy and I am sure it probably hurt to be smashed in there, but some things just have to be caught on film. We have decided to ask Santa for a play fridge for Aniston, so hopefully he gets her list this year and brings her one of her own so she doesn't have to get stuck in the big fridge anymore.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Who knows why, but my parents took us all to Crystal Hot Springs about 4 years ago for October Conference and it's been tradition since. We didn't go last year for either conference because of weather and Aniston being so small, but that's the only time we've missed it. Many of you may not even know that it exists, and I don't recommend it unless you like "hillbillin' it" and the smell of sulfur. We have fun though, and we always come home with a funny story to tell. This year Chris stayed home (he really doesn't like the place) to attempt to finish a cabinet job, so we missed having him around. It rained ALL day Saturday, so Aniston and I stayed back while the rest of the family went and hung out at the hot springs. I finally finished Aniston's tutu I started making a month or 2 ago, and Aniston hung out with me and we played ponies and colored. That night after the Priesthood session, we all went down to swim in the rain. It was so weird to have water coming at you in both directions. You should try swimming in the rain sometime; it's a trip!! We had a blast and had Aniston splashing and giggling so loud that the whole pool was watching her and laughing with her. She has this deep and very loud laugh when you get her going, and it's contagious. After swimming we attempted to shower off in the locker room with cold water, and for a second I thought the water was finally getting warm but realized it was just Aniston peeing on me. I thought only boys peed on their mothers!!
I really love Conference, and was looking forward to it this year. I got a lot out of the talks I was able to listen to, and feel comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father is watching out for us. It was good to hear the brothren tell us not to be afraid of all that is going on. I am also very thankful for my family, and for the opportunity I have to be with them FOREVER!!

Crystal Hot Springs