Saturday, October 25, 2008

she's CRAZY!!

Aniston actually fell asleep like this. I had her sleep with me one night when Chris was gone and I didn't sleep because she was ALL over the bed and took up the WHOLE bed. Wild I tell ya, WILD!!

She gets SOO excited when I let her watch Baby Einstein movies!! She's a crazy little thing, and yes my daughter actually looks like this-socks half way on and crazy hair. I don't do her hair until after her 1st nap, it's useless. She HATES sock and the only thing she likes about shoes is saying the word and wearing them on her hands.

Chris helped little Miss Aniston shove 2 BINKIES into her mouth. She loves binkies and I am not sure when I'll take them away because they save me, and I'm a sane woman when I can plug the screaming child's mouth.

So I will confess, Aniston sits in her high chair on the floor and watches Little Einsteins while I shower, but it looks like today will be the last time that happens. She was half way to the bathroom with the chair still attached when I got out of the shower.

What do I do?

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kgoody said...

Looks like your hands can be a little busy at times. I cant believe she slept like that. A little crazy!