Sunday, October 5, 2008


Who knows why, but my parents took us all to Crystal Hot Springs about 4 years ago for October Conference and it's been tradition since. We didn't go last year for either conference because of weather and Aniston being so small, but that's the only time we've missed it. Many of you may not even know that it exists, and I don't recommend it unless you like "hillbillin' it" and the smell of sulfur. We have fun though, and we always come home with a funny story to tell. This year Chris stayed home (he really doesn't like the place) to attempt to finish a cabinet job, so we missed having him around. It rained ALL day Saturday, so Aniston and I stayed back while the rest of the family went and hung out at the hot springs. I finally finished Aniston's tutu I started making a month or 2 ago, and Aniston hung out with me and we played ponies and colored. That night after the Priesthood session, we all went down to swim in the rain. It was so weird to have water coming at you in both directions. You should try swimming in the rain sometime; it's a trip!! We had a blast and had Aniston splashing and giggling so loud that the whole pool was watching her and laughing with her. She has this deep and very loud laugh when you get her going, and it's contagious. After swimming we attempted to shower off in the locker room with cold water, and for a second I thought the water was finally getting warm but realized it was just Aniston peeing on me. I thought only boys peed on their mothers!!
I really love Conference, and was looking forward to it this year. I got a lot out of the talks I was able to listen to, and feel comfort in knowing that our Heavenly Father is watching out for us. It was good to hear the brothren tell us not to be afraid of all that is going on. I am also very thankful for my family, and for the opportunity I have to be with them FOREVER!!

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