Thursday, February 26, 2009

There's nothing wrong with getting older

I am now at the ripe old age of 24, who would of thought!? I have come to the conclusion that getting older isn't always a bad thing. The older I get, the more I get to experience. Some of those experiences aren't always the best, but they make me stronger, more grateful, and bring me closer to the ones I love. I think one of the best parts of getting older is the opportunity to have a family of my own. I have been more appreciative of that part of my life through my work, and watching family and friends experience the joy of family. A quick shout out to the Rieck family-CONGRATS on little Madden!! I feel so blessed to be a Mother and a Wife, and I look forward to getting older and the joys and challenges that will come with it!!

I love my girl, and I love spending lots and lots of time with her!! We have "pitty" lip gloss on, it's just part of being a girl!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Throughout my entire life I have always had amazing and wonderful friends. I love each and everyone of them, and they are all such good examples to me. When Chris and I moved to Salt Lake last year, one of the hardest things was leaving all of our friends in St. George. I have been blessed and I fell so lucky to have made friends up here in Salt Lake. My job is the best, and even better are the girls I get to work with. They are each so amazing and I love 'em all. We try to do as much as possible together even though we all have crazy lives, and last week we got to spend the day together to celebrate a special day for my girl Chylie. She and T got married last Thursday, and their day was so special and so awesome. I am so happy for them and so glad that I was able to be there on their special day!!

the gorgeous bride and me

Kirsten, Me, Megan, and Katie

Friday, February 20, 2009

LOVE day

I LOVE February 14th... it's one of my favorites. I LOVE candy, sugar cookies, and I LOVE to celebrate any and everything I can. Chris and I celebrated on the 13th because he went to St. George to DJ a V-Day dance and it was "off the chain" (that's a direct quote). Aniston and I had fun ALL day and then my friend Megan came over and we shoved our faces full of junk food and watched a chick flick.

Monday, February 16, 2009

what was I thinking??!!

This potty training business is kind of a joke. I hate messes and germs, so the thought of Aniston peeing her pants makes me SICK!! So, thus far we have not been to sucessful with potty training. She has sat on the toliet a whole bunch, but NEVER gone in the toliet. She wore just panties for about an hour today, but that is all I could stand and I had to put her diaper on and then the panties. I know I know, just go for it all the way or she's not going to get it. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ok with pee or poop running down her leg and getting on the floor and who knows where else...AHHHHH!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love you babe! Thank you for all your support and love!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My BIG HUNK is one year older today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!

He's smart, he's funny, he's about the coolest guy I know, he's adventurous, he's quick witted, he's patient, he's kind, he's an awesome Daddy, he's the perfect husband, he's honest, he's sweet, he's talented, he's an amazing kisser, he's a great example, he's a worthy priesthood holder, he's supportive, he's loving, he's doing an awesome job in school, he's my soul mate and the love of my life, he's dang good lookin', he has the best smile, he keeps me in line, he's outgoing, he loves being a Daddy, AND...
he's 26 today

Thursday, February 5, 2009

When Daddy's away the girls will play

At the end of the day I am always struggling to find things to keep Aniston entertained until bedtime, so tonight we played dress up with some of my old swimming suits I've kept for who knows what. Aniston walked around saying "eww lala" and wanted to "look" in the mirror at her cute swim suit. I think I'm ready for warm weather and ready to pull out the summer clothes.

Aniston is WILD!! She goes goes goes all day long, and I just chase after her and try to keep things somewhat together. She's into everything like the microwave, not only putting toys in it when I 'm not paying attention, but she likes to put in HIGH HIGH numbers. You think you're only putting something in there for a minute or two, but when the microwave is still going 5 minutes later you get chewy well done food. She also gets a hold of the stove and oven knobs, which by the way whoever designed a stove with the knob panel under the stove should be sued or something. That's a HUGH safety problem. Like the microwave thing, I went to the pantry for 2 seconds to grab some corn, and she got the knob turned from 350 degrees to BROIL... AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT is it about do not touch that she's not getting?! SO here's the bread... nice and well done just like my Grandma Jean liked it... YUCK!!

She's just so stinkin' cute that getting mad over burnt food just isn't worth it.

My two loves are getting older next week; Chris will be ONE year older, and Aniston will be 18 months. We're going to party it up for sure, and then start the potty stuff.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the magic code!!

The code for is g84ckr, and trust me this is MAGIC!! Let me know if you have questions.

potty training and knock your socks off savings!

Our little pumpkin doodle had a few tests done a little over a week ago and passed with flying colors, so that means...WE"RE GOING TO START POTTY TRAINING!! She'll be 18 months in 2 weeks, so I'm taking these next two weeks to prepare and enjoy diapers which keep the waste contained. I've done some research and questioned a few people, but I need all the input of what you've found or heard that works. I know to take her often (one friend said every 20 minutes and another said 20 minutes after means and nap time, and 20 minutes before bed and when she wakes up in the am). I know that a book at the potty is a good idea and treats too when they go. I still haven't figured out if I should buy pull-ups or just use diapers or do the underwear thing. I have a bunch of diapers still and want to use them all up, so I was thinking of them until they run out and then if she is doing good I can just use underwear at that point. I am sure that using a diaper at bedtime is a good idea until she gets older and has more control, so I could keep the rest for bed right? I need input PLEASE!!

Wow, the topic of potty training gives me anxiety so I'm gonna tell ya all about my grocery shopping experiences cuz they have been AWESOME lately. I should first mention that I hate grocery shopping because I just do and because groceries cost so much money that it depresses me. I could buy so many clothes if I didn't have to grocery shop and spend so much money at that kind of store!! So now that I have stumbled across this amazing trick/tool, I WILL BE ABLE TO INCREASE MY WARDROBE!! Who doesn't want to do that?! There is a website called and they have a list of all the grocery stores along with the list of items that are on sale at the grocery store you choose. They rate the items on sale from 1 to 5 stars so you'll know if you're getting the best deal or not. They also have 3 lists of coupons that you can print which will go with some of the sale items listed. My sister showed me when Albertsons was having some killer deals and I spent a little over $100 and I got over $200 worth of groceries. I NEVER shop at Albertsons, but now I am a regular because if you buy right you save tons!! Every time you go, you should save around 50% if you organize things and buy right. I am happy to show you how although I am still learning! I love to shop now and have gotten a good food storage started up... like 20 boxes of name brand cereal that cost me $15!! I can and will post deals on my blog when I notices killers out there too. I can get the info on a party too because there is a lady that does them and she knows what she's doing, so if you are interested let me know (I can find out if someone does it in St. George as well, cuz there are a bunch of you down there). You have to have a code to get on the site and I am going to get it soon so I'll post that when I find it in all my coupons. Another thing to remember is to make sure you save coupons because if you can find that item on sale before the coupon expires you'll get an even better deal. That really is the trick is finding those coupons that match up with items already on sale. Let me know if you have questions or want to go out and shop sometime!!