Thursday, February 5, 2009

When Daddy's away the girls will play

At the end of the day I am always struggling to find things to keep Aniston entertained until bedtime, so tonight we played dress up with some of my old swimming suits I've kept for who knows what. Aniston walked around saying "eww lala" and wanted to "look" in the mirror at her cute swim suit. I think I'm ready for warm weather and ready to pull out the summer clothes.

Aniston is WILD!! She goes goes goes all day long, and I just chase after her and try to keep things somewhat together. She's into everything like the microwave, not only putting toys in it when I 'm not paying attention, but she likes to put in HIGH HIGH numbers. You think you're only putting something in there for a minute or two, but when the microwave is still going 5 minutes later you get chewy well done food. She also gets a hold of the stove and oven knobs, which by the way whoever designed a stove with the knob panel under the stove should be sued or something. That's a HUGH safety problem. Like the microwave thing, I went to the pantry for 2 seconds to grab some corn, and she got the knob turned from 350 degrees to BROIL... AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT is it about do not touch that she's not getting?! SO here's the bread... nice and well done just like my Grandma Jean liked it... YUCK!!

She's just so stinkin' cute that getting mad over burnt food just isn't worth it.

My two loves are getting older next week; Chris will be ONE year older, and Aniston will be 18 months. We're going to party it up for sure, and then start the potty stuff.


Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

She is so darling!!! Trying to entertain at the end of the night is always entertaining in our house! I'm desperate and tired!

Chana said...

she is so gorgeous! Holy cow!

watching people with kids just makes me tired!