Thursday, June 30, 2011

sad sad sad

I just spoke to this darling dear friend of mine for the last time on the AVH telephone line. Miss Heidi D is one of those girls you just can't help but love and is super easy to get along with(which says a lot about a girl). She started working just after I did, and I knew the second I met her she was going to be fun, make work exciting, be a person I could chat "deep" with, and someone I would NEVER EVER forget! She's moving far away, and I am so so so sad. I wish her and her cute family the best because she deserves it! Love ya Heidi D!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we're crazy for summer!

after a nice swim and some sunshine, Aniston and I were a bit wild! after we picked chris up from the van, we shared our wildness with him. and then we ate chocolate covered pancakes...

the pool

aniston and i have been able to swim and soak up some sunshine thanks to megan!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


we're spending more time at papa and grammy's now that it's summer. aniston is in heaven because of all the playing that goes on. she loves to play dress-ups, and makes sure to share with grammy AND papa...

grammy and aniston have a band. they play their instruments to VERY silly songs that have VERY silly actions...

i absolutley love it. watching them get down and play with aniston is my very favorite. she loves those two so much, and i'm so glad we get to spend so much time with them!

Father's Day

We had a great Father's Day with Papa and Chris. Aniston was excited to celebrate and told Chris numerous times "Happy Father's Day!". She was also very excited about the gift for her dad, and couldn't wait to give it to him. She picked out a pink snow cone maker just for him! Aniston has a "sweatheart" of a dad! She misses him when he is gone, and loves to be with him when he's home. They party hard together when Mom is at work, and she is his biggest fan when he's racing.

We were able to spend the afternoon with my dad. I adore him and I'm his biggest fan. He is amazing, especially when it comes to being a Papa!

Grammy spoiled the dads, and they were both excited about the fun gifts! We gave Papa a new swimming suit, in hopes that he will take us out on his boat soon!

pit stop

aniston loves animals. she tends to be a bit timid around them, but she warms up eventually. we stopped for a little stretch in Scipio on our way home from STG. there was a petting zoo, with a zebra. aniston could have spent hours there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

first accident

Chris raced in the Rockwell Relay June 10-11. He, along with his 3 other teammates, raced from Moab to STG. His last section of the race was Cedar Breaks and down into Cedar. He was trying to make up some time, so he was going down the canyon road at about 40-50 mph(on a BIKE!!!). He came to a S turn, was "in perfect position", when a wind gust blew him off. He tried to save it but he clipped his bike on a cement barrier and his tire went down in between the asphalt and the barrier. His tire blew and he went crashing into the barrier and flew/summersaulted, with his bike, about 40 feet before hitting the ground. His bike went over the barrier, but he stayed on the road side. A man from another team was right behind him and watched it happen. This man's support vehicle was also not to far behind, so once Chris was up and his bike was retrieved, they drove him down to the exchange where his team was waiting for him. Aniston and I were waiting in STG for him, so I drove up to Cedar and meet him in the ER. He broke his collar bone(now they match!), and has some road rash and a lot of bruising. He was lucky, we were all blessed. We went back to see where it happened and I was sick, I couldn't believe he got off so easy. It could have been so much worse considering the speed and the area he crashed. The first few days were hard and painful for him, but he's feeling better every day. I'm so glad he's ok, but not so sure I'll let him back on the bike(which received only minor damage)!

Chris said he wished he could have paid more attention to the scenery. They rode all day, all night, and into the next day. During the night ride they all had problems with their lights, some of them rode in the light of the moon with some help from headlights. One racer hit a dear during the night. Chris did catch this shot...

Chris went to the ER, got all fixed up, and we got back to STG in time to watch his teammates ride in.

Bonktown Boosh-Corey, Ty, Shane, and Chris

All the racers

the other side/ non-road side of the barrier(so glad Chris didn't end up on this side)

you could see the tire mark, the spot Chris landed, where his bike landed, and the marks his shoes left on the cement barrier

the damage

June 2011

we've been so busy, but not too busy to:
visit STG
put puzzles together
***she put this puzzle together all by herself the second i could get it opened
race in the rockwell relay
break a collar bone
get 89% on 1st anatomy test
say funny things like:
these chips(w/ cheese melted on them)are stuck together like family
i'm a "herbavorb"(while pretending to munch on the bamboo plant in the bathroom)
color non-stop
play eye spy and name that princess every time we get in the car
play @ grammy and papa's

this summer is going to be full! it's already started off with a bang, thanks to summer school and a bike accident. aniston is excited to do lots of swimming, park visits, and hang out w/ grammy and papa more!
miss aniston tuckered out after a full day of fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

last day..

Gram had her last day of school Friday June 4th. Partying was necessary, and so was a thank you from all of us. We got her a Kindle so she could relax and read a good book now that she's finished teaching school, forever! She is amazing, and she deserves a nice long break.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

princess stuff

Rupunzel just so happens to be her favorite princess these days, and Aniston loves to pretend that she has long hair like Rupunzel.
On this particular day, yarn was "hair", and Aniston was in the mood to tie stuff up. I just happened to be in the middle of it and barely escaped to grab the camera and get a pic of her handy work.

funny little thing...