Tuesday, December 29, 2009


"Christis", as Aniston would say it, was great! This whole month has been crazy, but great! Chris finished the semester, has a new position at work in the bike department, and is looking forward to his last Cyclocross race this weekend. Aniston has been a busy bossy body and enjoyed "Christis" and all the lights and decorations too. She watched a lot of Rudolph and learned a bunch of Christmas songs: Rudolph, Up on the House Top, Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. She got to sit on Santa's lap twice, and play in the snow a bunch! I've been busy making hats and bands, working, and hanging out with family and friends. Now to the pictures and enough of this rambling...

This video is really sad, but I can't help but laugh too. Watch Aniston's face at the end when she puts her hands over her face.

River was so much fun to cuddle!
Aniston and I played with Colton a few times in December, and I was glad he was there so I could make sure his Christmas present would fit!
I figured out how to make these head bands that I've seen girls wearing. I wasn't about to pay $20-$30 bucks for one, so I figured out my own way to make them and my mom got the first one!
makin' cookies at Grammy and Papa's
We went to my Grandparent's grave right before Christmas. I miss them SOOO much!
Making more cookies for Santa, but they didn't stick around long enough for Santa because we have a little sweet tooth in our house(Aniston).
Christmas Eve and Christmas Jammies from Papa and Grammy.
Christmas morning was CRAZY!! Aniston usually wakes up really early, but Chris had to wake both her and I up and Aniston was not excited about it until she saw that Santa had come!
Christmas morning in our Christmas jammies(thank goodness I followed a pattern this year because last year I couldn't even wear mine).
Look at these two cuties! They have a love hate relationship. Aniston will boss Carter, he wacks her in the face, and then they hug!
Sisters! I love these two girls even though only one of them is blood related!
So, I guess because my sister would only let me play with my mom's Skipper doll when we were young, Skipper's hair style rubbed off. I'm getting used to hair in my eyes and double takes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a bunch of stuff...

Thanksgiving was great this year because Chris got to eat with us! We did have a change of plans last minute when we figured out we would be driving almost as much as we would be in St. George. We ended up eating dinner with my family, and it was yummy! Early the next morning, my first nephew was born and he is the cutest chubbs. I can't wait to go see him!

Aniston helped me set up "Christis" on Friday evening. I want to make it clear that just because we have blue lights on our tree doesn't mean we're fans of that blue team in Utah County. We've had the same decorations since Chris and I got married and we were boycotting Dixie State(they're red) when we bought them(well, I was).

Then came the Utah vs BYU game, and that gave me 3 or 4 ulcers and ended bad. By the way Max Hall, I'm pretty classy thank you VERY much.

Aniston has been saying some funny phrases these days:
"I be nice to everyone!" and she is nice to everyone, most of the time!
"Oh, Terrance" I guess this Terrance is on her Tinkerbell movie, and she says he's a nice boy.
"We need to tell Papa to clean it up" Our stairwell was really dirty after a pipe broke and for some reason, Aniston thought Papa needed to come clean it up?!
"Everyone stop talking, ok!" She says this when people are talking and she's not invloved. She's bossy like her mom.
She also asked me for "fiteen dollars" today, but she wouldn't tell me why she needed it.

Aniston was singing Happy Birthday to the turkey! Notice the carot/candle in her roll.
Check out her new get-up! She still LOVES to wear my shoes, and Chris helped her out with her skirt!
She has this thing with our scale, and I'm not sure why because I stear clear of that thing! She gets on and then rambles off some number in the 30s.
This is River! He was born early on the 27th and was 9 pounds and 21 inches long.
This is Aniston's new hang out spot. She is obsessed with everything "Christis"!
We partied with a bunch of red food and watched the game!
Aniston watching the game, and as you can tell by her face she wasn't happy with what was going on!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you want one of the hats i've been making(scroll down to see the post), let me know and give me details about what you want. I have a few more that I have made that I can post for more ideas or you can email any pictures too. I will charge $10 if I get all the supplies, and less if you get them, probably like $7 or so. I can make them big and small, and I have been attempting the beanies that have the ear covers and I'll get pictures up once I get one finished. Please send me an email if you want one with the details and I can get it to you very very soon! My email is jenab_09@yahoo.com. They make great Christmas presents and I'm totally willing to ship them!


We're excited for the holidays, and I just wanted to jot down some things Aniston has been up to.
She LOVES "Christis"! The lights, looking at all the decorations the stores have(we've spent close to an hour looking at all of them in stores recently), and going up and down the toy isles looking at dolls and all the other girly stuff. She actually askes if we can go look at dolls, too cute! She loves to go to Walmart and Costco... my personal favorites too. Aniston is slowly getting the hang of going on the potty. She'll get it one day, but until then, we'll be buying diapers to save on laundry costs. My dad told me what my sweet Grandma used to say about diapers..."Why do they put me in them if they don't want me to go in them?", good question Grandma!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

winter weather...

My dad is one of Aniston's favorites because he lets her do whatever(as long as it's not life threatening of course) and this picture proves it. Aniston was out playing in the backyard with Papa after a nap in this attire. Her pants got wet so I took them off to wash them and put her down for a nap, and I kind of zonked so I didn't hear her get up. My dad just put her jacket on and took her outside with him so she could hang out outside, in 50 degree weather!! Oh well, at least she was having fun!

Aniston and I went on a Mommy daughter date with Mackenzie and her mom Britney to Princesses on Ice. It was FREEZING!!! That is not a big red zit on my nose, I promise! It is proof of winter...I was ice cold and so was Aniston. We had so much fun, and the girls LOVED seeing all of the Princesses.

Here's our 5...no 2 year old with her warm winter hat. Chris was having a heart attack when Aniston was walking around in this hat because he said it made her look like she was 5!! I think she's freakin' cute, no matter how old she looks.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last winter I attempted some hats, and I failed. So this year, after looking lots of places and just not being able to bring myself to spend that much on a hat, I was determined to get it right. My first was a little questionable, but I learned and made some changes and was successful on the 2nd and 3rd! Aniston won't wear hers, typical! I wear mine a lot and need to go get more yarn so I can make some in other colors. If you want one, I'll make ya one for around $10 depending on what you want and it doesn't have to have a brim on it like these 2 that I made!

Don't look to close, this was the first attempt. The silk flower that I also was determine to make myself, helps hide some of my mistakes on this first hat!
Thumbs up!! I got it right wahoo!!
This hat is my favorite so far, and I love the band with the buttons cuz it adds some character.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


We were a little busy the week of Halloween, and Aniston got to dress up 4 times that week and one other time as well for all the adventures we got ourselves into! I think by far, not only for her but Chris and I loved it too, Halloween was the best! We got to go to St. George and spend Halloween with family. Aniston and Ali were the BEST Tinkerbells out there, and were troopers Trick-Or-Treating! By the way...we ate at the MOST YUMMIEST place while we were there and if you ever go to St. George or live there it's a must!! It's called Wing Stop and their Garlic Parmesan flavor is to die for and the french fries have a sweet/salty goodness to 'em!

Some girls in our complex threw a Halloween party and one of the girls who is a pro photo taker took pictures of all the cuties in their costumes. I threw Aniston's costume together the morning of so that I could get a "good" picture of her in her costume!
Cute Utes Cheerleader and her best friend Mackenzie after their "Joy School" Halloween Party. They were having so much fun playing together at school and wanted to keep playing, so the girls played at our apartment and snacked on powdered donuts (note to self: NEVER AGAIN!!)
This was just the beginning of a very long night for me...I worked Thursday night and slept maybe 1.5 hours Friday and then went to a fun Halloween party with Megan. She gets all the credit for our amazing costumes...she's wild, I'm wild, so they fit us well!! So, I partied like a wild girl(Diet Coke in hand!), and then went and met Chris at my parent's house(they watched Aniston while Chris was at work and I went to the party) so we could start on our journey to St. George. This was about 10:30pm, and we debated for 30-45 minutes about going, and then decided we had to . So, we packed a few treats, put Aniston in the car, stopped at 7-11 for much needed Caffeine, and we were off @ 11:45pm. We pulled into St. George @ 3:45am and my sweet mother-in-law had nice warm beds ready for us to fall into. That was an adventure in and of it's self!!
Aunt Jocelyn doing Tinkerbell hair.
The 2 cutest Tinkerbells EVER!!
Daddy and Aniston out Trick-Or-Treating.
Aniston, Grandpa, and Grandma.
Check out our clothing...notice the short sleeves and it was about 8 in the evening too!!
Guarding the candy bowl. Aniston LOVED the candy...and wanted it all to herself too!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

letter to Mr. Korver

Dear Kyle,
We were so sad to hear that you injured your precious knee, and even more sad to hear that you won't be playing at the beginning of the season. We hope that things will go well for you as you recover, and we want to offer our services to you as well. Please know that we would be more than happy to nurse you back to health. We have multiple skills that included, but are not limited to, cooking, cleaning, bathing, medication administration(if shots are needed, we are happy to help even if they need to be administered into your Gluteus maximus), bandaging, stich removal, and anything else you may need. We would love to help you, and will offer our service free of charge. Being in your presence will be more than enough payment. Call us and let us know when we can start.
Yours truly,
Jena and Aniston

Growing up is fun to do!

I have come to the conclusion that Aniston's little growing up thing she's doing is actually fun. There are so many fun things she can do as she gets older, and she REALLY enjoys them. While I still think it's VERY sad that she has grown up so fast, I actually LOVE all the things she is doing and the things to come!
She loves nursery and being able to play with her friends while she's there. She loves to sing and color too, so nursery is a favorite!
Aniston loves to help others, and she is REALLY good at cleaning up after herself too. I like that she can help me clean up, and that I'm not the only one picking up after her. She also likes to help with the dusting and is pretty good with the vacuum too!
I like to think I have pretty decent style, and Aniston confirms that it is acceptable by wearing some of my stuff and saying "whoot whoo I look so pretty" when she's all glamed out. She LOVES dress-up, which makes me so happy. I loved it, and think it's so fun to see what she comes up with. Her newest thing is wearing ALL of my shoes. And like I said before, it's nice that she helps out because 2 large boxes of shoes are an overwhelming mess to tackle on your own!

I watched her drift off to sleep and it was sweet. She twists her hair and has since she had enough hand control to do it. She was tired from all her princess duties, or those big shoes she clumped around in wore her out!
Aniston even helped me with some fun new flowers for her hair! She's not a big fan of having her hair done, but she's coming around slowly. I think because she helped me make this flower she likes it the best. She actually is concerned about it and wants to make sure she knows where it is and that it's in her hair good. Kalli, you were right about the whole hair thing: Just keep doing it and they'll finally be ok with it. I have the smartest friends!!

And last of all... Joy School started today. This is one thing that I have mixed emotions about. She's not old enough is she?? I was excited for her today, and she was very excited as well! She has talked about going to school the past week, and the day finally came. She ran right into the room and started chatting away with the teacher's helper and the other kids about her "pack pack" and all the stuff that was inside. Her papers were cute, and her matching game was stickerless and really not playable, but I think she had a good time. I tried to go over her papers with her, but I think she was to hungry or just plain not interested. This will help me work with her more. I teach next week and it's on the veggies. Ideas are welcomed PLEASE!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

she loves me!!

I drank some diet coke the other day and suddenly had this funky pain in my tummy. The kind of pain that makes it so you can't move or breathe or do anything but wish it away. So I sat down and whinned like a 2 year old, and cute little Aniston came over and said "Oh Mommy, are you ok? Mommy you're going to be ok, it's ok." She's saying this while hugging me and patting my back. Oh!!! She was right, I'm ok!!

Auntie Megan came to veg with us, and Aniston can't get enough of her. She was laying on the couch with her head on Megan's lap and her feet in mine. Megan and I tucked her in with her favorite blanket and she says "Thanks friends!". Most of us are now referred to as "friends".

Aniston wanted me to "lay by you" and so I'm laying there hoping she is asleep so I can go to sleep, and all of a sudden she puts her hand on my face and is rubbing my cheek and putting her face right up into mine.

She loves Chris too, he's her sweetheart. Her face lights up when he walks in the door, and he tells me he wants to cry everytime he walks out the door. He misses her so much when he's gone. So, since they don't get to spend a lot of time together, I let him get up with her at 6am each morning...aren't I so nice?!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My mom has been teaching Aniston a few songs lately, and she will actually sing them all the way through and to my phone camera! Sorry these are so dark, our apartment lacks in the lighting department.

This is her singing "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home" and she sings it to Chris when he gets home. She is ALWAYS so excited to see her Daddy(and so am I).

Grammy taught her "Halloween Cat" too. She loves this song, and she loves cats too!

Monday, October 19, 2009

"moomies" with mommy

August 12, 2007

October 17, 2009

The day Aniston was born was a long one, and so what better way to end it then to watch a movie. I still remember the movie, it was Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Chris brought in Sandwiches and a salad and we watched it on his parents laptop while our baby girl slept very soundly, without a wiggle or a peep.
Now, a little over 2 years later, she wiggles, chats, and chows down on some good old "pawpcorn" while we watch a "mommy moomie". I love this girl, and I hope she'll stay this sweet forever and watch "moomies" with me too!

The Witches

I went twice to this event, that's how much I love Halloween festivities. It was very crowded, but along with my girls we made it through all the people, into the amazing shops that I could spend a fortune in if I had it, and laughed at the funny witches EVERYWHERE!! I'll go a 3rd and 4th time if anyone wants someone to go with, just call!
Megan and I went Friday night and we were a bit overwhelmed at ALL the people, so we found this lone witch in a corner and snapped a picture with the crazy gal.
This is the only picture that was decent enough to post. Aniston was NOT cooperative, so therefore she is not looking at the camera in any of the other pictures. Oh well!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We've been up to some good lately! Aniston got to play with her friend "Cotton" last week while his mommy was workin'. She loved it, and they had fun together. I like the idea of one child, so I think we'll just borrow other children once in awhile. Lunch time came with a disaster that involved a hungry little someone grabbing another hungry bigger someones SpaghettiO's and dumpin' them all over him and the floor. Good thing Chris was there to help, and that I chose to laugh instead of cuss!!

Saturday morning Chris competed in Cyclocross. That was a hoot!! It was chilly, but Aniston and I got into it and we ran all over cheering Chris on. He did fantastic might I add, and we're headed up to Heber this weekend for another event.

Last, but certainly not least: Papa's Birthday!!! We did a progressive dinner that started at our house, and then we went to Scott and Shelbi's. Before going to my parents for desert, we stopped and bowled. Papa won, and Aniston even played with us. It was so much fun, thanks Shelbi and Grammy for being creative!!

Papa and Aniston waiting for the appetizers. Gotta love the Birthday hat!

The gang eating at our house. We are all really squished together and we have to fight for chairs too!

Eating the main course...Cafe Rio steak burritos. They were yummy!!
Bowling!! Stefen had the BEST form.
Daddy helping Aniston bowl. She thought it was so fun and she would clap like a mad woman when each of us would bowl.
My cute parents just enjoying themselves. I love these two!!
We had to sneak in a family picture, and we had to hurry too. Aniston was CRAZY and wanted to run EVERYWHERE!!