Friday, October 23, 2009

she loves me!!

I drank some diet coke the other day and suddenly had this funky pain in my tummy. The kind of pain that makes it so you can't move or breathe or do anything but wish it away. So I sat down and whinned like a 2 year old, and cute little Aniston came over and said "Oh Mommy, are you ok? Mommy you're going to be ok, it's ok." She's saying this while hugging me and patting my back. Oh!!! She was right, I'm ok!!

Auntie Megan came to veg with us, and Aniston can't get enough of her. She was laying on the couch with her head on Megan's lap and her feet in mine. Megan and I tucked her in with her favorite blanket and she says "Thanks friends!". Most of us are now referred to as "friends".

Aniston wanted me to "lay by you" and so I'm laying there hoping she is asleep so I can go to sleep, and all of a sudden she puts her hand on my face and is rubbing my cheek and putting her face right up into mine.

She loves Chris too, he's her sweetheart. Her face lights up when he walks in the door, and he tells me he wants to cry everytime he walks out the door. He misses her so much when he's gone. So, since they don't get to spend a lot of time together, I let him get up with her at 6am each morning...aren't I so nice?!

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