Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Growing up is fun to do!

I have come to the conclusion that Aniston's little growing up thing she's doing is actually fun. There are so many fun things she can do as she gets older, and she REALLY enjoys them. While I still think it's VERY sad that she has grown up so fast, I actually LOVE all the things she is doing and the things to come!
She loves nursery and being able to play with her friends while she's there. She loves to sing and color too, so nursery is a favorite!
Aniston loves to help others, and she is REALLY good at cleaning up after herself too. I like that she can help me clean up, and that I'm not the only one picking up after her. She also likes to help with the dusting and is pretty good with the vacuum too!
I like to think I have pretty decent style, and Aniston confirms that it is acceptable by wearing some of my stuff and saying "whoot whoo I look so pretty" when she's all glamed out. She LOVES dress-up, which makes me so happy. I loved it, and think it's so fun to see what she comes up with. Her newest thing is wearing ALL of my shoes. And like I said before, it's nice that she helps out because 2 large boxes of shoes are an overwhelming mess to tackle on your own!

I watched her drift off to sleep and it was sweet. She twists her hair and has since she had enough hand control to do it. She was tired from all her princess duties, or those big shoes she clumped around in wore her out!
Aniston even helped me with some fun new flowers for her hair! She's not a big fan of having her hair done, but she's coming around slowly. I think because she helped me make this flower she likes it the best. She actually is concerned about it and wants to make sure she knows where it is and that it's in her hair good. Kalli, you were right about the whole hair thing: Just keep doing it and they'll finally be ok with it. I have the smartest friends!!

And last of all... Joy School started today. This is one thing that I have mixed emotions about. She's not old enough is she?? I was excited for her today, and she was very excited as well! She has talked about going to school the past week, and the day finally came. She ran right into the room and started chatting away with the teacher's helper and the other kids about her "pack pack" and all the stuff that was inside. Her papers were cute, and her matching game was stickerless and really not playable, but I think she had a good time. I tried to go over her papers with her, but I think she was to hungry or just plain not interested. This will help me work with her more. I teach next week and it's on the veggies. Ideas are welcomed PLEASE!!

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