Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love this town!!

Orderville is probably my most favorite vacation spot(only second to Hawaii). Not because it's anything extra ordinary, but I have so many good memories there. This trip was full of them, and of lots and lots of favorite!!

These are the crazy things we did...

Walking Olive and pretty much driving the poor dog nuts was one of Aniston's favorite things. If Olive wasn't in sight, Aniston would ask where she was.
We went to the school playground every day that we were down in Orderville so that Aniston could do one of her favorites! This school playground has lots and lots of fun memories. Shelbi will kill me, but oh well...she was kissed for the very first time there!!

This was our adventures at this animal place(I can't think of the name of it at the moment).
This horse was friendly and he was so sweet, and that's sayin a lot because I am not an animal lover. He wanted to check Aniston out, he was a frisky little fella!!
Standing by my favorite and the ONLY horse I have ever liked. Aniston wasn't a fan of them, she would hardly touch them.
Sitting on an old wagon. So stinkin' cute and proper!!


This is embarrassing, but I promised I would post it. I thought I would show off all my rolls in my face/neck. I think there are 9 or so! Really I just wanted a picture of me and this horse, he and I are friends...buddies really. He was a little to friendly for my liking and moved as I was snapping this photo. So there ya go, that is what happens when you try and get fresh with me(poor Chris)...SCARY!!
This is the same horse that is in the pics above. Those pics show off the cute little guy a lot better than this ear shot.

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Tren and Chylie said...

Ha ha!! I love your photos, especially the last one of you and the horse!! One day you will come around and love all animals and not just that one horse!! ;)