Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We made a very quick trip to St. George, like less than 24 hours quick. But, we enjoyed every second! We got to see family, Great Grandma and Grandpa Higgins brought Aniston a birthday cake to celebrate her Birthday. We got to go to an amazing reception(should have snapped some pic-it was beautiful) and Chris was able to DJ it. I absolutely love the bride and all of her family. I worked with a lot of them when we lived in St. George, and they are very special people. I was able to see a lot of people I worked with, and that made my night! I miss them all, and wish I could work with the doctors- they are amazing and very kind people. I asked Chris a few times if we could just move back to St. George; we hope we can. Now I've got to talk my family into coming with! And I can't forget to mention how much fun Aniston and Ali had together. They played so cute together and just loved being around each other too. I wish I had some pictures of the two of them, but time flew to fast.

Here we are, a little sleep deprived, but still enjoying the great music, amazing and wonderful friends, the gorgeous bride and her groom, and some great treats too!
I do believe these two are my second family. Jana(on the left) taught me all I know, put up with me all day at the office and loves me anyways, is a very dear friends, and was like a mom to me while we lived in St. George! Aubrey is like the little sister I never had and also a very great friend. She is so stinkin' HOT in her AMAZING wedding dress, and she is truly the sweetest girl! I love them both to pieces!!


Kate said...

Sounds like a fun quick trip to St. George! St. George is the best! We both love and miss it too!

TonyandBet said...

I love trips to St.George! We are trying to decide on if we want to move back to! Looks like fun, you guys are to cute! Miss you lots!