Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bring on the rain!

I am only speaking for myself when I say...bring on the rain!! I love it and LOVE to be inside and listen to all the noises. I love to hear Aniston repeat "hunder" and get all excited when it booms. Chris probably likes it because it means we're getting closer to snow, which means "fresh pow bra!"(is that the right way to say it???).

We had to try out the rain gear from Papa and Grammy. Aniston approved, and wouldn't take it off.

Good old State Fair, it never lets ya down even when it's pouring rain. Megan, Aniston, and I braved the weather to make sure we got in some of the finest: corn on the cob, deep fried snickers and pb&js, and of course a ride on a pony. I love feeling like a kid again (with a friend who doesn't mind acting like one with me), and watching the princess have the time of her life!
Looking like a natural. She LOVED that horse!
After our yummy fair food. Aniston even has some on her face that she's saving for later.
Loving the bunnies!!
Checkin out the goats while we tried to stay dry, yeah right! The water was puddling on the stroller and soaking Aniston. I tried to keep her covered, but she wouldn't let me keep her from seeing all the fun.


TonyandBet said...

Love the rain attire! So cute!

de Roda Family! said...

So cute! We decided NOT to do the rain thing and waited until Thursday to go! I LOVE the pic of you and Megan, seriously so cute!